Online banks rank highest on Which? current account customer satisfaction survey

First Direct, Starling Bank and Monzo have come out on top in the latest current account satisfaction survey carried out by Which? - while Scottish lenders Clydesdale, RBS and Bank of Scotland were in the bottom five.

Published 2 December 2019

Scottish Friendly: Shoppers to increase Black Friday spending despite being more cautious

UK shoppers plan to increase their spending on Black Friday this year despite being more cautious than 12 months ago, new research from Scottish Friendly has revealed.

Published 28 November 2019

Banks are hit with IT glitches five times a week

New analysis from Which? reveals that banks suffer five IT failures every week, shutting millions of customers out of accounts and making payments.

Published 27 November 2019

Which?: 95% of products in Black Friday 'deals' are cheaper or the same price after the sales

Which? has tracked a range of popular products included in last year’s Black Friday sales and found that 95% were available cheaper or the same price from the same retailer at least once in the six months that followed.

Published 26 November 2019

Edinburgh and Aberdeen postcodes do not have access to cash machines or post offices

AB13 in Aberdeen and EH18 in Lasswade near Edinburgh have neither a local post office or any cash machines, according to a new analysis from Which?

Published 15 November 2019

One-third of Scotland's bank branches have closed in five years, survey finds

A survey conducted by Which? has found that more than one-third of Scotland's bank branches have closed down within the last five years.

Published 24 September 2019

Durness to recieve first free ATM in new installation programme

The Scottish village of Durness is to be the first to receive a free ATM under a new scheme to fund cash machines in areas which have lost access after bank cutbacks.

Published 29 August 2019

Best and worst student bank accounts revealed

Nationwide and Santander provide the best student bank accounts, according to a survey by consumer website Which?.

Published 21 August 2019