Fraser Kane: HM Treasury launches consultation on regulation of ‘mini-bonds’

Fraser Kane looks at the shape of things to come for non-transferable debt securities.

Published 21 April 2021

Scott Reid: Taxation of cryptoassets held by individuals resident in the UK

Scott Reid, assistant tax manager at Turcan Connell, highlights the complexities of cryptocurrency taxation.

Published 20 April 2021

Benjamin Wiles: Laying the groundwork for Bounce Back Britain

Benjamin Wiles, managing director, restructuring advisory at Kroll, examines the state of the economy with respect to insolvency and the M&A market as the UK emerges from lockdown.

Published 20 April 2021

Claire Massie: Firms must warm up to climate change transition

Claire Massie, Pinsent Masons head of banking & restructuring in Scotland, reveals how businesses will need to alter their operating model in an attempt to fight climate change.

Published 19 April 2021

Ian Leach: Motor insurance in a post-Brexit Scotland

Ian Leach, partner at BLM in Scotland, details the issues surrounding the future of motor insurance in a post-Brexit Scotland.

Published 19 April 2021

Iain Penman: Permanent changes to Scotland's bankruptcy laws following COVID-19

Iain Penman, senior associate at Brodies LLP, discusses the changes to Scotland's bankruptcy laws in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

Published 13 April 2021

Rupert Thompson: Are the traditional investment portfolio allocations still relevant?

Rupert Thompson, chief investment officer at UK-based wealth management group Kingswood, discusses the debate around whether there is still a place for traditional portfolios made up of 60% equities and 40% bonds.

Published 13 April 2021

Paula Barlow: Probate and Inheritance Tax

Paula Barlow, probate manager at global financial services firm ZEDRA, discusses the importance of understanding probate and inheritance tax.

Published 9 April 2021

Jae Fassam: ESG can guide economic prosperity

Jae Fassam, partner at law firm CMS, discusses the increasing role of Environment, Social, Governance (ESG) in Scottish businesses.

Published 8 April 2021

Tom Dorner: What does ESG mean for income investors looking for a sustainable premium dividend yield?

Tom Dorner, investment director, European equities at Aberdeen Standard Investments (ASI), discusses what Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) considerations mean for income investors looking for a sustainable premium dividend yield.

Published 7 April 2021

Mark Bell: Support must adapt to help young entrepreneurs steer course into a post-Covid world

Mark Bell, partner at Anderson Anderson & Brown Consulting (AAB), discusses how business development programmes in Scotland are adapting to help young entrepreneurs cope in a post-COVID world.

Published 6 April 2021

Jack Anderson: Wealth management may bring new job riches to Scotland

Jack Anderson, a consultant specialising in wealth management at Core-Asset Consulting, details how wealth management may bring new jobs to Scotland.

Published 6 April 2021

Betsy Williamson: Resilient fund managers have what it takes to weather the pandemic

Betsy Williamson, managing director at Core-Asset Consulting, reveals why resilient fund managers have what it takes to weather the storm of COVID-19.

Published 1 April 2021

John Docherty: Allure of start-ups and commerce grows for Scotland’s accountants

John Docherty, associate director of accounting & finance at Core-Asset Consulting, discusses the growing appeal of start-ups and commerce for Scotland's accountants.

Published 31 March 2021

Dean Ward: Why proptech and fintech need to combine in 2021

Dean Ward, managing director of the DCW Group, a professional residential and commercial development consultancy, outlines the benefits of combining the fintech and proptech markets.

Published 30 March 2021