Blick Rothenberg: Are HMRC going 'off-piste' with regard to 'offshore'?

Those with offshore assets, income or gains are being treated differently from other taxpayers in terms of HMRC’s approach to the impact of COVID-19 warns tax and advisory firm Blick Rothenberg.

Published 24 April 2020

Paul Scullion: Government COVID-19 support for early-stage and high-growth businesses

Paul Scullion, senior associate in the corporate financial team at Burness Paull, discusses government support for early-stage and high-growth businesses.

Published 22 April 2020

Just a Minute with Eric Curran

Eric H Curran, managing partner at DM Hall steps up to participate in our Just a minute feature.

Published 22 April 2020

Jonathan Young: Coronavirus - why you shouldn't run from negative returns

Jonathan Young, a member of Johnston Carmichael's financial planner support team, discusses why investors shouldn't run from negative returns during the coronavirus outbreak.  Whilst the impact of the coronavirus crisis (COVID-19) is s

Published 21 April 2020

Catriona Torrance: The IHT magic million - true or false?

You might recall headlines a few years ago, amid political jostling, of £1 million free of inheritance tax? Well, as of 6 April this year, this became true – for a limited number of people in particular circumstances. So, asks Catriona Torrance, who falls into this 'magic million' category?

Published 21 April 2020

Robin Dandie: Rural businesses feel pain of the crisis

Robin Dandie, partner and head of rural at Johnston Carmichael, discusses the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on farming and rural businesses.

Published 20 April 2020

Andrew Dines: Market volatility and coronavirus

Andrew Dines, chartered financial planner at AAB Wealth, discusses why the impact of coronavirus on the stock market need not alter your long-term goals.

Published 20 April 2020

COVID-19: AAB’s practical guide to the steps businesses can take now

Lyn Calder, Anderson Anderson & Brown's (AAB) corporate finance manager and managing partner, has offered some practical advice to firms during the current coronavirus crisis.

Published 17 April 2020

Eric Curran: Suspending the housing market is unprecedented, but it is temporary

Eric Curran, managing partner of DM Hall Chartered Surveyors, has assured that this housing market will return at some point, as it always does.

Published 16 April 2020

Gordon Deane: FCA guidance on temporary consumer protection

Gordon Deane, a partner with legal firm Balfour+Manson, discusses the Financial Conduct Authority's (FCA) guidance on temporary consumer protection in the face of the current coronavirus crisis.

Published 15 April 2020

Steven McKay: Changes to the Tapered Annual Allowance in 2020/21

Steven McKay, head of employee benefits at Edinburgh-based Mearns & Company, details the changes to the Tapered Annual Allowance in 2020/21.

Published 14 April 2020

Johan Belfrage: Building a bioeconomy

Johan Belfrage, technical development manager at the Industrial Biotechnology Innovation Centre (IBioIC), discusses building and growing Scotland's bioeconomy.

Published 14 April 2020

Peter Watson: Why we need a coronavirus exit strategy now

Professor Peter Watson, legal adviser to the COVID-19 panel of scientific and medical experts convened by the Scottish Police Federation, details why the UK needs an exit strategy for the COVID-19 lockdown measures.

Published 14 April 2020

MBM: Online fraud - when there’s blame to go around

MBM, the Edinburgh-based commercial law firm which aids entrepreneurial businesses, has discussed the process of online fraud of which there is an increased threat of during the current coronavirus crisis.

Published 8 April 2020

Alan Meek: Government changes to UK insolvency law

Alan Meek, partner and head of corporate insolvency and restructuring at Morton Fraser, discusses the UK Government's changes to UK insolvency law.

Published 7 April 2020