Shona Fraser: Farmers and consumers need post-Brexit protection

Shona Fraser, partner and agricultural business specialist at accountants Chiene + Tait, discusses the importance of the UK Agriculture Bill.

Published 15 June 2020

Fraser Campbell: Reopening and rebooting

The Sunday Times recently reported that, when confronted with the likelihood of 3.5million job losses if the country doesn’t reopen over the summer, Boris Johnstone apparently responded “Christ”! The UK’s COVID narrative is pivoting to the economic toll, and emergency measures to resuscitate the economy back to life.

Published 15 June 2020

Matthew Currie: Moratoriums under the Corporate Insolvency and Governance Bill 2020

Matthew Currie, dispute resolution associate at Scottish law firm Jones Whyte, breaks down and reviews the moratoriums under the Corporate Insolvency and Governance Bill 2020, the latest new piece of legislation to come about as a result of the Coronavirus crisis.

Published 11 June 2020

Fraser Campbell: Grappling with the people factor

The journey into the next phases of pandemic management is well underway and the timing of opening of different industries is becoming clearer each week. It is good that the government has extended financial support under the Job Retention Scheme (JRS, or Furlough) and is allowing businesses to bring furloughed workers back to work on a part time basis until 31 October.

Published 5 June 2020

Blair Nimmo: Scotland’s businesses facing uncertainty and liquidity issues

Blair Nimmo, head of restructuring at KPMG UK, details the ways in which Scottish businesses are facing uncertainty and liquidity issues in the current financial climate.

Published 3 June 2020

Kris Keane: Emerging from lockdown stronger - four principles for businesses to adopt today

Kris Keane, director at big-four audit firm Deloitte, details how firms can emerge from lockdown stronger than when they entered it.

Published 3 June 2020

Neil Mitchinson: Now is not the time for panic selling

Neil Mitchinson, director of Edinburgh Asset Finance, details why now is not the time for panic selling and ures that firm's let assets take some of the financial strain during the COVID-19 crisis.

Published 3 June 2020

Nicola Ross: What the Corporate Insolvency and Governance bill means for businesses

Nicola Ross explains the details of new legislation aimed at helping ailing businesses. 

Published 2 June 2020

Yael Selfin: We need to think again about the future of our cities

Yael Selfin, KPMG UK's chief economist, highlights how the UK needs to rethink the future of its cities in light of the current coronavirus pandemic. 

Published 1 June 2020

Duncan Raggett: Restructuring and recovery for the future

Duncan Raggett, insolvency practitioner and head of the restructuring and recovery team at Anderson Anderson & Brown (AAB) discusses the issues and options firms should be considering in preparation for life after lockdown.

Published 29 May 2020

Fraser Campbell: Predicting and attracting demand in the new economic landscape

Probably the most challenging task when reopening or increasing activity is predicting the level of customer demand. The ideal would match staff, production and operations to demand to preserve working capital and cash. This is difficult enough in normal times.

Published 27 May 2020

Michael Reid: Is the suspension of wrongful trading the right approach?

Michael Reid, managing partner at Aberdeen-based Meston Reid & Co, discusses the suspension of wrongful trading.

Published 26 May 2020

Jacqueline Rédarès: Businesses must begin planning safe workplaces

Jacqueline Rédarès, senior associate and health & safety specialist at law firm CMS, urges businesses to begin planning safe workplaces for after lockdown.

Published 26 May 2020

Aurelija Buckute: Four characteristics of a good financial plan

Aurelija Buckute, paraplanner at Mearns & Company, highlights the four characteristics of a good financial plan.

Published 21 May 2020

Graeme Allan: Plan ahead for the next normal

Graeme Allan, chief executive of Anderson Anderson & Brown, reflects on the changes and challenges currently experienced as a result of the coronavirus crisis and considers what's next as we plan ahead for the 'next normal'.

Published 20 May 2020