And Finally

And finally…Ireland stops making cents

Ireland has become the latest eurozone country to begin gradually phasing-out small copper change from circulation.

Published 27 October 2015

And finally…RBS likes Facebook

Royal Bank of Scotland has announced a new partnership with social networking giant Facebook to bring the service to employees across its operations.

Published 26 October 2015

And take Spotify for $20,000 with 'silent album'

An American funk band has exploited a loop-hole on music streaming giant Spotify's service to scoop $20,000 from their album of complete silence.

Published 23 October 2015

Firm turns policies into works of art to save Britons losing out on £15 billion of ‘forgotten’ money

Banks, pension companies and insurers owe Brits an incredible £15 billion, which must be claimed if it is not to be lost forever and one firm has hit upon a novel idea to help British savers forgetting their cash -by turning it into art.

Published 22 October 2015

Dundee tycoon leaves £6.6m fortune

A Dundonian property tycoon who left school at 14 years old has died leaving a £6.6 million fortune.

Published 21 October 2015

And finally...left-on gadgets add £52m to Scottish energy bill

Householders in Scotland are blaming their partners and children for wasteful energy habits, sending energy bills soaring by around £52 million a year, according to a new poll.

Published 20 October 2015

And finally...Scottish inventor’s ‘revolutionary’ toilet brush smashes crowdfunding target

Published 19 October 2015

And finally…one in eight company board members regard employees as a ‘necessary evil’

Findings from a recently released report has revealed that 13.2 per cent of board members regard employees as a ‘necessary evil.’

Published 16 October 2015

And finally…dog with a bonus

A couple who had already won nearly £150,000 on the Euromillions have doubled their prize after their dog found a second winning ticket for the same amount on the same draw.

Published 15 October 2015

And finally…love will tear us apart

A woman from New York has failed in her attempt to sue her own 8-year-old nephew after his display of affection and youthful exuberance when greeting her at his birthday party caused her to break her wrist.

Published 14 October 2015

And finally…toke-on tax?

The contents of a leaked internal Treasury report has revealed that officials within Whitehall believe that legalising cannabis could generate hundreds of millions of pounds a year in tax and cut costs for the police and prisons.

Published 13 October 2015

And finally…too much work hits Pierre in the pocket

Four bakers have been hit with fines by French authorities for working…too much.

Published 9 October 2015

And finally...'Scots footballers’ fines should be donated to good causes'

Following on from recent high-profile stories regarding footballer’s fines, SNP MSP James Dornan has called for fines paid to the SFA to be donated to good causes across the country.

Published 7 October 2015