And Finally

And finally... vagina dialogues

Thousands of people have signed a petition calling on Edinburgh Fringe authorities to allow a giant inflatable vagina to fly over the city home to Scotland's financial centre.

Published 14 August 2019

And finally... Kiwi taxman to make crypto wages legal

The New Zealand government has given the green light to companies in the country to legally pay their employees in cryptocurrency, establishing the controversial asset class as a mainstream form of payment.

Published 13 August 2019

And finally... shopkeeper wanted for Scotland's most remote retailer

A shop on the uninhabited Scottish archipelago of St Kilda needs someone new to run it, its owners have said.

Published 12 August 2019

And finally... silly sausage

Proposals to hike meat taxes in Germany – adding around 30 cents to the price of bratwurst – have been met with outcry.

Published 9 August 2019

And finally... owner of Hitler's house forced to sell

The Austrian government has won a court case allowing it to finally impose a compulsory purchase order on the owner of Adolf Hitler’s birthplace in order to take ownership of the controversial address.

Published 8 August 2019

And finally... ATM ram-raider sticks-a-fork-in-it, but he's done

A man has admitted his involvement in an £86,000 forklift ram-raid on a Co-op store in the border town of Gretna.

Published 7 August 2019

And finally... Edinburgh festival artists seek dollars and euros as pound tanks

Uncertainty around Brexit has resulted in performers at the Edinburgh International Festival to ask for their fees to be paid in euros or US dollars instead of sterling, the event’s director has said.

Published 6 August 2019

And finally... Spanish bank launches facial recognition ATMs in world first

CaixaBank has launched the world's first ATMs to allow withdrawals using facial recognition and without having to enter a PIN.

Published 2 August 2019

And finally... Brits don’t feel like ‘proper adults’ until they are 29 years old, building society finds

Brits don’t feel like ‘proper adults’ until they are 29 years old, new research carried out by Nottingham Building Society has revealed.

Published 1 August 2019

And finally... UK city where couples take longest to buy a house revealed

Buying a house as a couple shows a lot of commitment, both romantic and financial, and for some this can be daunting. Just ask the people of Cardiff, who, according to new research, wait the longest before buying property with their partner.

Published 31 July 2019

And finally... 'quadrillioniare' drug dealer busted

An American dark web drug dealer has pled guilty to participating in a multi-million dollar Bitcoin-enabled drug dealing conspiracy that saw him launder his illicit fortune via vast sums of the now defunct Zimbabwean currency.

Published 30 July 2019

Scottish EDGE launches an out of this world funding round

Business funding contest Scottish Edge has launched its latest round by sending a custom-designed trophy to the edge of space.

Published 29 July 2019

And finally... persona non taxa

A man in Australia who has claimed the country's taxation laws do not apply to him because he does not accept recognition as a person has been told by a magistrate that his argument "would make a mockery of the law".

Published 26 July 2019

And finally… Skyscraper residents pay $11m to prevent proposed tower from blocking view

Residents from a New York condo have paid $11 million to developers to stop the construction of a proposed neighbouring tower to protect their view from being interrupted.

Published 25 July 2019

And finally... Alliance Trust chair to sell island idyll after 20 year labour of love

Alliance Trust chairman Lord Smith of Kelvin is selling Inchmarnock, his island in the Firth of Clyde which includes Port House, a four-bedroom property, 20 years after embarking on a major restoration project at the beauty spot.

Published 24 July 2019