And Finally

And finally... hallelujah!

A devout Christian who was fired because she refused to work on Sundays has been awarded $21 million in damages.

Published 21 January 2019

And finally... fake job interview dupes bank employee into cyber attack

North Korean hackers used a fake skype job interview to trick a Chilean bank worker into downloading malware onto his work computer, it has emerged.

Published 18 January 2019

And finally… industry urges Scots to back campaign for haggis emoji

With other national food favourites such as pizza, sushi, pretzels, burritos and croissants already boasting well-established emoji status, producers of Scotland's national dish are now calling for the same recognition.

Published 17 January 2019

And finally... Canadians show Trump his wall shutdown is a pizza nonsense

Air traffic controllers across Canadian are showing solidarity with their American counterparts whose bank balances have been victims of the recent US government shutdown by buying them pizza.

Published 16 January 2019

And finally...Scotland's most expensive newbuild residential development launches

The first glimpse inside an 84-apartment development in Edinburgh described as the “most upmarket in Scotland’s recent history” has been unveiled as the homes are due for launch.

Published 15 January 2019

And finally...who needs enemies..?

A man from California has been arrested after attempting to steal his flatmate’s winning lottery ticket following what turned out to be an ridiculously ill-conceived fraud.

Published 14 January 2019

And finally… Mastercard rebrand ditches name from logo

Mastercard’s logo will no longer feature the text of its name on its logo following a bold rebranding move.

Published 11 January 2019

And finally... wife of Amazon founder could become world's richest women as pair announce divorce

Following news this week that his company has just become the most valuable in the world, it has now emerged that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is to split from his wife in what is being suggested could result in the biggest divorce settlement in history.

Published 10 January 2019

And finally... Amazon becomes most valuable company on the planet

Amazon is now the most valuable company in the world after it passed Microsoft this week to take over the top spot. The

Published 9 January 2019

And finally… Inn-Charge: UK’s first cash-saving battery-powered hotel piloted in Edinburgh

The Gyle at Edinburgh Park Premier Inn has become the UK’s first battery-powered hotel in a bid to improve energy efficiency, secure power supply and enable energy cost savings on-site.

Published 8 January 2019

And finally...billionaire's cash giveaway stunt takes most ever retweeted title

A Japanese billionaire who is paying SpaceX about $500 million for future trip around the moon on a SpaceX Super Heavy Starship has announced that he is giving away almost a million dollars - via twitter.

Published 7 January 2019

And finally... Szechuan redemption

Prison guards allowed a prisoner who helped them with their taxes to eat Chinese take-away and sit in a guard station after hours.

Published 4 January 2019

And finally... budgie smuggler

A man has admitted stealing a dozen budgies from an Edinburgh accountant's home before offering to help her look for the pets - while a couple of them sat on his shoulder.

Published 3 January 2019

And finally... 2018's Top Ten

Published 21 December 2018

And finally...driven mad

An absurd €19,000 insurance quote obtained by a teenager for a 14-year-old car has been decried as an "outrageous" tax on rural Ireland. Leitrem councillor Padraig Fallon told The Irish Times that an 18-year-old approache

Published 20 December 2018