And Finally

And finally... Standing room only

People in China are being encouraged to opt for vertical burial or cremation under new government funeral guidelines aimed at coping with land scarcity.

Published 29 February 2016

And finally…MasterCard ready to launch “selfie pay”

After a successful pilot program, MasterCard says it is ready to roll out its “selfie pay” security checks by the summer.

Published 26 February 2016

And finally…burger joint run by oil mogul Wood’s son donates entire £250,000 profits

The profits of two restaurants in Aberdeen and Edinburgh, run by Scottish philanthropist Garreth Wood and totalling more than £250,000, are to be donated to charity.

Published 25 February 2016

And finally... good manners cost nothing

A man was fined €70 after burping near a policeman while visiting a fun park in Vienna.

Published 24 February 2016

And finally…Mystery Edinburgh parking ticket donor inspires £10,000 charity drive

An Edinburgh mother who had her parking ticket paid for her by a passing 'Good Samaritan' after being forced to illegally park outside a hospital, has raised £10,000 on the back of the kind act.

Published 23 February 2016

And finally…France to give employees 'right to disconnect' from work emails

France is to give employees the "right to disconnect" from checking emails after work as the level of “burn-out” among workers in the country raises concerns.

Published 19 February 2016

And finally…Pride comes before a crowd fail

An Australian anti-gay group hoping to sabotage an Australian LGBTQ teen dance have been left red-faced after being confused by a crowdfunding campaign that resulted in them contributing thousands of dollars to the very event they meant to derail.

Published 18 February 2016

And finally…redundancy fuels roaming desire for North Sea worker

A North Sea oil and gas industry worker who has lost his job along with thousands of others in the sector has decided not to enter the job market but take his family on a year-long trip around the world instead.

Published 17 February 2016

And finally…UK workers would rather clean the house or visit the dentist than ask for a raise

If the thought of asking for a payrise makes you want to scrub the floors or spend quality time at the dentist's surgery, you're not alone.

Published 16 February 2016

And finally…no more acting the goat

Published 11 February 2016

And finally…rare whisky outperforms gold, wine and equities

The market for rare whisky in 2015 significantly outperformed many other well established asset classes, including wine and gold, according to figures published today by whisky analyst, broker and investment experts Rare Whisky 101.

Published 9 February 2016