And Finally

And finally... geriatric delinquents

An elderly crime wave appears to be sweeping Japan because pensioners are seeking jail time in a bid to save money.

Published 11 February 2019

And finally... Mastercard introduces sonic branding to world of invisible payments

Global payments firm Mastercard is to launch a "sonic brand identity" so that whenever and wherever consumers engage with Mastercard – via physical, digital or voice platforms – the "distinct and memorable Mastercard melody" will now be heard.

Published 8 February 2019

And finally... monumental ego

An English multi-millionaire is seeking to buy a mountain in Scotland for £12 million in order to carve faces into it in the style of Amercian landmark Mount Rushmore.

Published 7 February 2019

And finally… £1 Fife shopping centre sold

The shopping centre in Fife which was put up for auction with a reserve price of only £1, has been sold for £310,000.

Published 6 February 2019

And finally… the degradable PVC ‘bank card of the future’

Digital banking services provider Cashplus has announced the launch of the UK’s first payment card made from a new type of degradable PVC, offering its customers a more sustainable alternative to traditional plastic PVC debit and credit cards.

Published 5 February 2019

And finally... doubly obscene

A senior American politician has proposed introducing a new tax on online porn to help fund Donald Trump's planned wall along the southern US border.

Published 4 February 2019

And finally... piggy bank

A Chinese company which previously paid bond investors in ham instead of cash is now running out of pigs.

Published 1 February 2019

And finally... business forced to ditch cryptocurrency payments as value plummets

Waste management firm,, which hailed the advent of of the cryptocurrency age when it announced that is was to being accepting it as a payment for services has now reported that it is no longer accepting blockchain currencies – such as Bitcoin – because it is too volatile to be reliable.

Published 31 January 2019

And finally... you're kidding

An American politician who employs hundreds of young teenagers has proposed a new law to scrap restrictions on child labour in his state.

Published 30 January 2019

And finally... crime and no punishment

The Russian government has unveiled plans to allow officials to escape prosecution for bribery or other acts of corruption in "exceptional circumstances".

Published 29 January 2019

And finally... in plane sight

Spanish airport authorities are searching for the owner of a private jet which has been parked for years.

Published 28 January 2019

And finally... elite football worth nearly £8bn to UK economy every year

The Premier League and its clubs supported close to 100,000 jobs as well as contributing £7.6 billion to UK Gross Domestic Product last year, new data from EY has revealed today.

Published 25 January 2019

And finally... Amazon launches self-propelled deliver vehicle

Online banking giant Amazon has this week launched an all-electric, self-driving autonomous vehicle that will manoeuvre across pavements and deliver customers orders to their door.

Published 24 January 2019

And finally… shareholding Celtic fans targeted by scammers

Glasgow-based football club Celtic have had to issue a warning to supporters with shares in the club after they were targeted by phone fraudsters.

Published 23 January 2019

And finally...HMRC glitch suggests taxes may not be inevitable next year

HMRC’s tax calculator has been telling some taxpayers that they owe nothing for next year.

Published 22 January 2019