And Finally

And finally... trumped

The right to blow up a casino formerly owned by Donald Trump is being auctioned off by a US city.

Published 18 December 2020

And finally... fine by me

A mayor has mocked a fine imposed on authorities for appointing too many women.

Published 17 December 2020

And finally… Police Navidad

Published 16 December 2020

And finally… coq au bang

A night owl who couldn't stand the crowing of his neighbour's rooster has been given a five-month suspended prison sentence for shooting it.

Published 15 December 2020

And finally... supersonic

A six-year-old boy has spent $16,000 in the Sonic Forces game.

Published 14 December 2020

And finally… cash grab

The Cash by Cash App has launched its own clothing line in its latest attempt to convert the app into a lifestyle brand.

Published 11 December 2020

And finally… always the real thing

A tonne of cocaine worth £100m has been found hidden in a shipment of banana pulp, the Home Office has said.

Published 10 December 2020

And finally... medal of honour

The gallantry medals of a Scottish soldier who led a bayonet attack on a German chemical works in World War I are on sale at an auction for £4,000 today.

Published 9 December 2020

And finally... time is money

A man who broke Covid-19 quarantine rules for just eight seconds has been fined nearly £2,700.

Published 8 December 2020

And finally... no time to chat

Banks should give their virtual chatbots more personality in response to the shift from in-person to online banking, a new report suggests.

Published 7 December 2020

And finally… Do as I say, not as I do

A mayor who flew off on holiday by private jet urged residents to stay at home – in a video recorded from a beach resort.

Published 4 December 2020

And finally... lotto suspicion

Attention has been drawn to South Africa's national lottery as an unusual sequence of numbers was drown on Tuesday.

Published 3 December 2020

And finally… when pigs fly

Pig entrails have been flung across the floor of parliament in Taiwan in protest at new pork import rules.

Published 2 December 2020

And finally... worth a shot

A rare firearm which was made for the Indian prince Maharajah Duleep Signh, the last Sikh ruler of the Punjab, is due to go on sale this week.

Published 1 December 2020

And finally... on cloud wine

A British man who is set to become a billionaire from selling medicinal cannabis has spent £3 million on red wine.

Published 30 November 2020