And Finally

And finally... claims of “discrimination and elitism” see Amazon backtrack on cashless shops

Just a year after opening to claims that they were a symbol of the future, Amazon’s cashless American convenience stores are to begin accepting old-fashioned cash.

Published 12 April 2019

And finally… ‘I withdrew $10m from the bank just to look at it’

Africa's richest man, Nigerian billionaire Aliko Dangote, has told of how he once took $10 million in cash out of the bank and take it home just to look at it.

Published 11 April 2019

And finally… from amorous horses to blundering burglars, Aviva’s most bizarre claims of 2018

In a year that saw the Beast from the East batter UK homes, insurance giant Aviva has today revealed that it also dealt with a range of unusual claims from its customers including damage caused by a hapless burglar who locked himself in a garden shed and a holidaying customer who had their mobile phone destroyed by a monkey.

Published 10 April 2019

And finally... size (of your bank account) does matter in Japan

One in 10 straight Japanese men are 40-year-old virgins, a new study has revealed, with the reason being linked to how much money they have.

Published 9 April 2019

And finally… firm sees £250 late penalty soar to a £50m fine in council bollards row

Infrastructure giant Amey has seen a £250 penalty for late work rocket up to £50 million after taking too long to repair four damaged bollards.

Published 8 April 2019

And finally... failure not an orphan

A scam run by a pair of identical twin brothers has left them out of pocket after both were ordered by a Brazilian judge to pay maintenance to a child whose paternity could not be established.

Published 5 April 2019

And finally… debt impairs psychological and cognitive function, study finds

New academic research has shown how the psychological burden of debt traps poor people in poverty by impairing their ability to make good decisions, pointing to benefits of extending aid at an earlier stage.

Published 4 April 2019

And finally… Tulip to blossom in City of London

The City of London Planning and Transportation Committee has passed a resolution to grant planning permission for The Tulip.

Published 3 April 2019

And finally... vein payments system set for global launch in Manchester

Manchester is to be the location for the global launch of finger vein payments system, Fingopay.

Published 2 April 2019

And finally... Argyll & Bute revealed as Scotland's top Baby Boomer hotspot

As the final members of the Baby Boomer generation reach the age they can access their pension, analysis by Aegon, the Edinburgh-based pensions and investment company, reveals Argyll & Bute as the location with the highest proportion of Baby Boomers in Scotland.

Published 1 April 2019

And finally... RBS becomes first major bank to end auto issue of cheque books

Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) and its subsidiary NatWest have stopped automatically replacing their customers' cheque books when they run out, becoming the first major banks in the UK to do so.

Published 29 March 2019

And finally... supermarket launches UK-wide "Too Good To Waste" baskets

Supermarket chain Lidl has announced that it is rolling out its ‘Too Good To Waste’ fruit and vegetable boxes across all of its stores in Scotland, Wales and England following a successful, industry-first trial.

Published 28 March 2019

And finally... more than half of Brits don't know how much is in their bank account

An overwhelming number (57 per cent) of British people say they can’t confirm the amount of money in their bank account.

Published 27 March 2019

And finally... fundraising campaign launched for £25m Princes Street Gardens revamp

A £25 million fundraising campaign has been launched to support the Ross Development Trust’s project to transform Princes Street Gardens.

Published 26 March 2019

And finally... how much would a woodchuck pay, if a woodchuck shouldn't chuck wood..?

A man accused of "butchering" a tree near his property in order to increase his home's value has been ordered to pay £21,000 under proceeds of crime legislation.

Published 25 March 2019