And Finally

And finally…That's gratuity!

An American waitress has been subjected to the full force of a classic internet backlash after flippantly accusing George W. Bush of 'doing' 9/11  on Twitter after being left a generous tip by the former president.

Published 30 March 2016

And finally... Freddy got five-finger-discounted

A man who failed to return a VHS copy of Freddy Got Fingered to his local rental store has been arrested 15 years later.

Published 29 March 2016

And finally…I did Nazi see that coming

 A neo-Nazi politician who participated in anti-refugee marches and handed out racist propaganda received first aid from Syrian asylum seekers after crashing his car, German media reports.

Published 24 March 2016

And finally...Brewgooders turn beer into water

A new Scottish craft beer brand will be unveiled today on World Water Day  with the purpose of providing clean drinking water to millions of people in developing countries by giving away 100 per cent of its profits.

Published 23 March 2016

And finally...golfers pitch in £4 billion a year to UK economy

Golfers in the United Kingdom spent £4.3 billion on their sport in 2014, accounting for 14 per cent of all consumer spending on sport, according to an independent report published today by Sheffield Hallam University’s Sport Industry Research Centre (SIRC).

Published 22 March 2016

And finally... you've been framed

A man accused of stealing CCTV cameras was arrested after he was caught on video, police in Louisville, Kentucky have said.

Published 21 March 2016

And finally…retiring insurance boss to gift millions to staff

Thousands of Admiral Insurance staff are to receive a £1,000 cash handout from their outgoing boss.

Published 18 March 2016

And finally… get rich or lie trying

Published 17 March 2016

And finally…Baileys noticable

As the nation braces itself for the chancellor's Budget today, it has emerged that the traditionally festive Irish whiskey and cream liqueur Baileys is now so popular all year round that it has been added to the nation’s official shopping basket used to measure inflation.

Published 16 March 2016

And finally…worthy of note

Clydesdale Bank’s new £5 note, Britain's first fully polymer (plastic) note is in the running for the International Banknote of the Year award, it has emerged.

Published 15 March 2016

And finally...Scots refuse to get smart on travel

Scottish public transport travellers are clinging to their preference for paper tickets despite the ongoing digital revolution that lets travellers use smart cards, phones and watches to pay for travel.

Published 14 March 2016

And finally…Scots too shy to ask for doggy bag

It seems the new French law forcing restaurants to offer ‘doggy’ bags would be welcomed in Scotland with over 60 per cent of Scottish diners saying they'd prefer to be offered one at the end of their meal.

Published 11 March 2016

And finally…parking for free in Scotland – don’t believe the hype

A man who repeatedly parked in a private Glasgow car park believing that the private parking tickets he was being issued with were unenforceable has been forced to pay up £3000 in fines.

Published 10 March 2016

And finally…losing the pot

Published 9 March 2016

And finally…It's not all over…but it is now for nervy £250k punter

An optimistic Leicester City fan who backed his relegation-tipped club to defy not just the experts and the drop but the 5000-1 odds of storming to the Premier League title will be hoping his heroes hold their nerve better than he has after choosing to 'cash-out' before a potential £250,000 championship celebration.

Published 8 March 2016