And Finally

And finally…That’s lunar-cy

Buzz Aldrin, the second man ever to step foot on the surface of the moon has this week revealed what must be one of the most bizarre - and surprisingly modest - travel expenses claims in history.

Published 5 August 2015

And finally…Serbian lottery organisers drop the ball

The head of the state lottery in Serbia has been forced to resign after a winning number appeared on TV coverage of a live draw before the ball had been selected.

Published 4 August 2015

And finally…Average UK family now working 19 years just to pay taxes

The average British household now pays nearly three-quarters of a million pounds in tax during their lifetime.

Published 31 July 2015

And finally…Make money, not war

Scots philanthropist Andrew Carnegie attempted to use his vast fortune to buy peace for the world prior to the Great War, a new film has revealed.

Published 30 July 2015

And finally...Millionaire's will conditions pioneer parenting beyond the grave

A multi-millionaire New York property mogul will still have a say in his two daughter’s up-bringing after dangling cash incentive rewards for life goals they meet through his inventively-structured will.

Published 29 July 2015

And finally...Scotland most ‘loyal’ region in Britain

Scotland has topped an insurance firm's poll as the area of Britain where people would most like to remain if they had the choice.

Published 28 July 2015

And finally…Glasgow punters ban themselves from bookies

Gamblers in Glasgow are to be given the opportunity to ban themselves from dozens of the city’s betting shops.

Published 27 July 2015

And finally... lightning strikes twice

A Canadian man is making the most of his unlikely life after winning the lottery - decades after he was struck by lightning in a Nova Scotia lake.

Published 23 July 2015

And finally... penny-pinching parliamentarian faces derision

An MP has defended a 9p expenses claim for a 350-yard car journey, claiming that the mileage "does add up" over a year.

Published 22 July 2015

And finally... UK and Ireland's Monopoly champion crowned

A Northern Ireland woman who defeated her husband in the early stages of the championship has been acclaimed the best Monopoly player in the UK and Ireland.

Published 21 July 2015

And finally... Mini-kilt waitresses bound for Scotland

A US restaurant chain with waitresses who wear mini-kilts and tartan crop tops is looking to expand into Scotland, its would-be motherland.

Published 20 July 2015

And finally…Scotland's first wine 'undrinkable'

Experts have joined the maker of Scotland's first home-grown wine in branding it “undrinkable”.

Published 17 July 2015

And finally…Feather-filled golf ball sells for £6250 at St Andrews auction

As British Open golfers get underway at St Andrews today, it was birdies of a more literal sort that produced an early windfall at the ‘Home of Golf’ last night.

Published 16 July 2015