And Finally

And finally... a bit worried

A programmer has just two chances left to access his £175 million bitcoin wallet.

Published 19 January 2021

And finally… feather in his cap

A pigeon which somehow travelled 8,000 miles across the Pacific Ocean is being hunted by authorities as a possible quarantine risk.

Published 18 January 2021

And finally… la petite mort

A woman declared dead by a court is still struggling to undo the ruling more than three years after pointing out she's still alive.

Published 15 January 2021

And finally… Worm has turned

Foods made from yellow mealworms could soon be mass-produced across Europe after the insect became the first to be found safe for human consumption by the EU's food safety agency.

Published 14 January 2021

And finally... spoo-key

The key to the room where Napoleon died is to be auctioned at Sotheby's after it was found in Scotland.

Published 13 January 2021

And finally… basta pasta

An Italian pasta maker has apologised after naming a product in apparent tribute to Mussolini's military campaign in Ethiopia.

Published 12 January 2021

And finally... liquidated

A Stalin-themed kebab shop in Moscow has been liquidated by Russian officials after being open for less than a week.

Published 11 January 2021

And finally… hit the drink

French police officers narrowly missed being pelted with stolen wine bottles worth hundreds of euros as they pursued thieves in a high-speed motorway chase this week.

Published 8 January 2021

And finally... batty

An Australian advert that displays a man eating a bat sandwich is being investigated by the country's advertising watchdog.

Published 7 January 2021

And finally... taken for a ride

A taxi driver in Paris has been reported to the police after he charged tourists €230 for a trip from Charles-de-Gaulle airport to their hotel.

Published 6 January 2021

And finally… chapping

Twelve Londoners have been fined for breaking Tier 4 COVID-19 restrictions after playing a game of dominoes in a restaurant.

Published 5 January 2021

The most read Scottish Financial News And Finally’s of 2020

As 2020 comes to an end, Scottish Financial News runs through the top twelve most-read stories in our 'And Finally...' feature: 

Published 24 December 2020

And finally... dim sums

China is set to fine diners who fail to finish their meal in a restaurant under a new law being introduced to reduce food waste.

Published 23 December 2020

And finally... just a bit

A record number of Bitcoin ATMs were set up last month, with 1,120 new machines installed across the world.

Published 22 December 2020

And finally... space farce

A soldier in the United States Space Force has been demoted after he abandoned training to buy a PlayStation 5.

Published 21 December 2020