And Finally

And finally... gold finger

Four solid-gold casts of Nelson Mandela's hands have been sold at a New York auction house for $10.4 million.

Published 9 March 2020

And finally... pocket money

An app which lets kids receive, manage and spend their money has raised $5 million in funding from investors.

Published 6 March 2020

And finally... plenty of time to die

The Royal Mint has released a 7kg gold coin to mark the release of the 25th James Bond film 'No Time To Die'.

Published 5 March 2020

And finally... high returns

The cannabis industry is expected to see an increase in sales up to 374% until 2023, according to a new Kryptoszene infographic.

Published 4 March 2020

And finally... contactless

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has advised consumers to switch to contactless payments when paying for goods in order to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

Published 3 March 2020

And finally... Bo'nus

An ATM in Bo'ness has been distributing free £20 notes after a technical malfunction.

Published 2 March 2020

And finally... cleaning up

Sales of Dettol and Lysol products have soared in light of the coronavirus outbreak.

Published 28 February 2020

And finally... a mistake-bake

A court has reduced the fine charged against a woman 11 years ago – for dropping a Greggs paper bag on the ground.

Published 27 February 2020

And finally... heavy duty

A dance student is seeking £500,000 in damages after she suffered debilitating neck and shoulder injuries obtained allegedly from being made to lift a heavier partner.

Published 26 February 2020

And finally... unbeelievable

An Oregon based bee-farmer has had 92 of his 400 bee hives stolen.

Published 25 February 2020

And finally... piste off

Workers in ski resorts across France have called for a new day of protests as part of their continuous dispute with the French Government over reforms to the unemployment benefits system.

Published 24 February 2020

And finally... bit unfortunate

A drug dealer's €55 million fortune cannot be recovered by authorities because he lost the codes to access his Bitcoin accounts.

Published 21 February 2020

And finally... losing your marbles

A collection of ancient marble statues controversially held by the British Museum may have to be given back to Greece as part of a Brexit trade deal.

Published 20 February 2020

And finally… a big mis-steak

Property developer Igloo Regeneration has ruled that staff cannot put meat on their expenses.

Published 19 February 2020

And finally... out of order

A polygamist with three wives and ten children has told a court that he helped to defraud the US government of nearly $470 million (€434m).

Published 18 February 2020