And Finally

And finally…retail discrepancy

An English regional supermarket chain has been left red-faced and thousands of pounds out of pocket after accidentally introducing a blanket 20 per cent discount on everything in all of its stores.

Published 9 December 2015

And finally…Nigerian authorities make $500m typo

Authorities in Nigeria have been left red-faced after the country's telecom regulator admitted that it had made a $500m (£330m) typing error when announcing a reduction in a massive fine imposed on Africa's largest mobile operator.

Published 8 December 2015

And finally…ebayer tells drunk Scots: ‘Yer barred’

An exasperated eBay seller has banned the whole of Scotland from buying his items because he is sick of them waking from a drunken night out with no memory of making their bids.

Published 4 December 2015

And banknote printer slashes production as demand slumps

UK-based banknote printer De La Rue is to cut production by a quarter as demand for paper notes falls across the world.

Published 3 December 2015

And finally...'Duke of Princes Street' leaves £26m in will

A lawyer dubbed the “Duke of Princes Street” who lived at an exclusive club on the Edinburgh thoroughfare for nearly 60 years has left £26 million in his will.

Published 2 December 2015

And finally…man charged £3,731 for 6 hours of central London parking

A City worker who had parked his car for just six hours in central London has been handed a £3,731 parking ticket, despite pre-booking a £5 all-day parking deal.

Published 26 November 2015

And finally…from bean counter to baronet?

An English accountant who is making a bid to be recognised as a member of the Scotland’s aristocracy is to have his case considered by the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council.

Published 25 November 2015

And finally…no-disc respect

The DVLA have clamped or towed almost 100,000 cars in the past year because motorist have not paid their road tax through the new ‘no-disc’ system.

Published 24 November 2015

£30 million city deal investment confirmed

The first £30 million of investment in a transformative £1.13 billion city and region deal for Glasgow and the Clyde Valley has been confirmed.

Published 24 November 2015

And finally…cheating husband returns to find home sold

A wife has achieved nationwide notoriety after getting revenge on her cheating partner by selling their home from under his feet while he was away on a business trip.

Published 23 November 2015

And finally…student inventor finally cashes-in as Edinburgh firm sells for £72m

Matt McGrath, the young student who won a competition with his ground-breaking reinvention of a medical device used in every major surgical operation has finally sold the business he founded 14 years ago for a staggering £72 million.

Published 19 November 2015