And Finally

And finally…love will tear us apart

A woman from New York has failed in her attempt to sue her own 8-year-old nephew after his display of affection and youthful exuberance when greeting her at his birthday party caused her to break her wrist.

Published 14 October 2015

And finally…toke-on tax?

The contents of a leaked internal Treasury report has revealed that officials within Whitehall believe that legalising cannabis could generate hundreds of millions of pounds a year in tax and cut costs for the police and prisons.

Published 13 October 2015

And finally…too much work hits Pierre in the pocket

Four bakers have been hit with fines by French authorities for working…too much.

Published 9 October 2015

And finally...'Scots footballers’ fines should be donated to good causes'

Following on from recent high-profile stories regarding footballer’s fines, SNP MSP James Dornan has called for fines paid to the SFA to be donated to good causes across the country.

Published 7 October 2015

And finally... ‘hud that plane!’

Published 6 October 2015

And finally…$RSVP

A woman in America has been billed by a couple whose wedding she failed to attend.

Published 5 October 2015

Thieves destroy building in attempt to rip out ATM with digger, two lorries and forklift truck

A group of hapless raiders managed to partially demolish a building in Cambridgeshire as they tried to pry an ATM out of the wall – but still left empty-handed.

Published 2 October 2015

And finally…inconvenience store

The taxman has told a Glaswegian single mother that she is to have her benefits stopped because she is in a relationship - with her local post office.

Published 30 September 2015

And finally…Moby’s sick

Published 29 September 2015

And finally... not his lucky day

A man from Alabama was arrested last week after he stole a lottery ticket dispenser from a liquor store - before returning to claim his cash prize.

Published 28 September 2015

And finally…Man’s home buying ambitions jeopardised by $2m mobile phone bill

An American family could be in danger of losing out on their dream home because a bungling telephone company has saddled them with an erroneous bill for $2 million!

Published 25 September 2015

And finally...Quarter of UK's bosses failing their workers but Edinburgh's among the best

A new study that has found one in four British workers do not feel motivated by their bosses has also revealed that Edinburgh is home to the country’s most motivating gaffers, while Glasgow has some of the most uninspiring.

Published 24 September 2015