And Finally

And finally…Edinburgh finance worker’s happy feet take him to the brink of history

A 30-year-old financial worker from Stonehaven is about to become the first Scot and youngest Brit to reach the South Pole in a solo, unsupported and unassisted expedition –only two years after surviving a brain tumour.

Published 12 January 2016

And finally...America awaits £1.3 billion lottery jackpot winner

An American lottery is now offering the world's richest grand prize to a single ticketholder.

Published 11 January 2016

And finally…unmanned village shop to be run through smart phone app

An innovative Swedish entrepreneur is set to roll out a new chain of staff-free, 24-hour local stores in his native country after growing fed up with rural shops closing down near his home.

Published 8 January 2016

And finally…gold mein

Police in Germany have stepped in after a stash of gold worth millions was dug up in an eastern Bavaria back garden –  right after the owner of the house had died.

Published 7 January 2016

And finally…two-thirds of Scots will use work time to book next trip

Scotland’s workers might have only just returned to work but more than half of them say they will be utilising some of the time spent away from their leisure pursuits to research and book their next holiday, according to a new survey.

Published 6 January 2016

And finally…Scots motorist facing £30,000 parking bill

A single motorist in Dundee has racked up 319 parking fines totaling at least £19,140, according to recently released records.

Published 5 January 2016

And finally…Beckhams banking more than £60,000 in profits a day

Their days of whipping free-kicks past goalkeepers and storming the pop charts might be long behind them but that didn’t stop David and Victoria Beckham making a staggering £61,644 every day last year.

Published 24 December 2015

And finally...majority of Scottish solicitors now female

There are now more female solicitors working in Scotland than male, according to the latest statistics from the Law Society of Scotland.

Published 23 December 2015

And finally…poverty can limit intelligence –depending on where you live

Poverty has long been linked with lower levels of intelligence, especially among children, but a new study carried out by experts at Edinburgh University has suggested its impact may depend on where you live.

Published 22 December 2015

And Christmas

Around half of internet and mobile banking users will break away from the festivities on Christmas Day to check on their pennies and pounds, according to the nation’s largest building society.

Published 21 December 2015

And finally…Scots watch takes £1m at auction

A watch made by a 17th-century Scots watchmaker has fetched almost £1 million at auction –four times its expected price.

Published 17 December 2015

And finally…football club looks to cash-in on fans' final whistle

English football club Huddersfield Town has announced the launch of an creative new initiative that will see its fans offered the opportunity to sign-up for a pre-paid club-themed funeral plan.

Published 16 December 2015

And finally...Czech please

A Czech man faces up to to years in jail after allegedly hiding in a restaurant after it closed in order to hold his own private feast on-the-house.

Published 15 December 2015

And finally…not so fast, amigo

The Spanish government is se t to bring a legal claim against Colombia for the estimated $1 billion found on the wreck of an 18 the century galleon that sank off the South American coast 300 years ago.

Published 14 December 2015

And finally...Edinburgh dominates Scotland’s most expensive streets

Edinburgh has the highest number of expensive streets in Scotland, according to research from Bank of Scotland.

Published 11 December 2015