And Finally

And finally... a vicious cycle

A cyclist from New Zealand needed the help of a rescue helicopter after he and five friends were cycling the length of the country to raise money for rescue helicopters.

Published 2 April 2020

And finally... locked down

A thief raiding a parked car was foiled after the vehicle's owner used a remote key to trap him until police arrived.

Published 31 March 2020

And finally... filth-anthropist

Filth star James McAvoy has donated over a quarter of a million pounds to the NHS to help distribute protective gear to fight the coronavirus outbreak.

Published 30 March 2020

And finally... fashion fix

Ralph Lauren is the latest designer brand to offer help during the global coronavirus pandemic, as it announced it would start making medical masks and isolation gowns.

Published 27 March 2020

And finally... not so fast food

In the aftermath of the closure of McDonald's restaurants across the UK, people have taken to eBay to sell McDonald's menu items.

Published 26 March 2020

And finally... family at war

A lawyer has been left with a £350,000 bill after losing a legal battle with his sisters over the estate of their late father, an esteemed judge.

Published 25 March 2020

And finally... drink and drive

Guardbridge-based Eden Mill has launched a drive-through service so customers can purchase gin during the UK's coronavirus crisis.

Published 24 March 2020

And finally... old dog new tricks

BrewDog has begun producing and distributing hand sanitiser at its Aberdeenshire distillery amid shortages.

Published 23 March 2020

And finally... fortune cookie

A judge known to be the richest in China has been charged with fraud, abuse of her power and taking bribes after it was revealed she had amassed her $200 million fortune through gambling.

Published 20 March 2020

And finally... kiddie bank

Challenger bank Revolut has launched a banking app for kids. 

Published 19 March 2020

And finally… that's the spirit

Dundee-based distillery Verdant Spirits has swapped from distilling gin to producing hand sanitiser following an appeal from local care groups in the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak.

Published 18 March 2020

And finally... treasure island

The general public has found over 1,300 items of “treasure” this year, according to the British Museum.

Published 17 March 2020

And finally... coming clean

A student from Leeds was sent home from school yesterday after he charged his classmates 50p for a squirt of hand wash.

Published 12 March 2020

And finally... tunnel vision

A lawyer who allegedly bolted from a strip club after refusing to pay for his private dance has been arrested.

Published 11 March 2020

And finally... pay-station

The rare never-released prototype Nintendo PlayStation console sold at an auction this month for $300,000.

Published 10 March 2020