And Finally

And finally... life changing

An Anglo-Saxon coin discovered by a metal detectorist is expected to fetch up to £200,000 at auction.

Published 30 July 2021

And finally... neigh bother

A collector in Germany has lost a legal battle to reclaim Hitler's monumental horses that once stood outside the Reich Chancellery.

Published 29 July 2021

And finally... royalties

An Art Deco bracelet owned by Princess Margaret is going up for auction in September.

Published 28 July 2021

And finally… war chest

Lawyers are debating how to deal with a German man who had an anti-aircraft gun, torpedo – and a tank – in his basement.

Published 27 July 2021

And finally... gotta catch 'em all

Two boxes of sealed Pokemon card sets have been sold for more than £19,000 at auction.

Published 26 July 2021

And finally… settle down

Israel has threatened ice cream manufacturer Ben & Jerry's with "serious repercussions, legal and otherwise" after it said it would no longer sell its products in illegal settlements.

Published 23 July 2021

And finally... bit excessive

Over a thousand computers used to mine cryptocurrency have been crushed by police using a steamroller.

Published 22 July 2021

And finally… cease and desist

One of Italy's most prestigious art galleries has threatened Pornhub with legal action over an interactive museum guide recasting famous artworks as "priceless porn".

Published 21 July 2021

And finally… on a different planet

A Glasgow police officer who called for backup because she was being pursued by a "drone" was left red-faced after colleagues pointed out it was the planet Jupiter.

Published 20 July 2021

And finally… hinder

A state-approved dating app has been released in Iran to stem the tide of divorces.

Published 19 July 2021

And finally… Godfather part 4

The bond between the Sicilian mafia and American crime families is as strong as ever, it has emerged.

Published 16 July 2021

And finally… cockfight

A rooster who prevailed in a legal battle for the right to crow has become the subject of an opera celebrating rural life.

Published 15 July 2021

And finally... it's not nice!

Sacha Baron Cohen has instigated legal action against an American cannabis firm that put his Borat character on a billboard advertisement.

Published 14 July 2021

And finally… cardinal sin

A group of alleged fraudsters who dressed up as cardinals in order to dupe people out of millions of euros have been caught in an undercover police operation that saw officers themselves disguised – as priests.

Published 13 July 2021

And finally... game over

A pristine, unopened copy of Super Mario 64 has broken the record for the most expensive video game sold at auction.

Published 12 July 2021