And Finally

And finally… pipe down

The Highland Council has dropped plans to require prior authorisation for bagpipes at funerals after an outcry from pipers.

Published 18 May 2021

And finally... honey trap

British honey manufacturer Rowse has become entangled in an international legal battle over who is entitled to produce manuka honey.

Published 17 May 2021

And finally… I will battle every day

Pokémon trading cards have been pulled from the shelves of one of the biggest retailers in the US in a bid to protect staff from rowdy fans – one of whom brandished a gun last week.

Published 14 May 2021

And finally… the wrong trousers

Police officers have gone on strike over a shortage of trousers.

Published 13 May 2021

And finally... bank on it

A senior manager at Goldman Sachs in London has quit the US investment bank after making millions from investing in Dogecoin.

Published 12 May 2021

And finally... lucky

A construction supervisor has won $5 million after being handed the wrong lottery ticket at a North Carolina convenience store.

Published 11 May 2021

And finally… belt and braces

A state senator in Ohio appeared in a Zoom meeting with a fake background while driving – on the same day a distracted driving bill was introduced.

Published 10 May 2021

And finally… rolling stones

A farmer accidentally annexed part of France to his native Belgium after moving a 200-year-old stone marking the border between the countries.

Published 7 May 2021

And finally… top marks

German teenagers who planned a sophisticated heist to get their hands on school exam papers have received suspended sentences.

Published 6 May 2021

And finally… heavy

Heavy metal band Twisted Sister has won a payout of nearly €1 million after an Australian politician ripped off the lyrics to We're Not Gonna Take It for his election campaign.

Published 5 May 2021

And finally… fake friars

The forgery of official documents by monks was rife in medieval England according to a new study conducted by academics.

Published 4 May 2021

And finally… RoboCop

The NYPD has been forced to fire its robot dog, the New York Times reports.

Published 30 April 2021

And finally... small change

The Royal Mint has unveiled the biggest coin in its 1,100-year history, weighing in at 10kg.

Published 29 April 2021

And finally... man in a suitcase

A man who was found with suitcases full of more than £800,000 in cash at Glasgow airport has been jailed and the money has been seized.

Published 28 April 2021

And finally… switched on

A judge accused of selling judicial favours to the mafia had tens of thousands of euros stashed in his electrical sockets, Italian police have said.

Published 27 April 2021