And Finally

And finally… gunners spiked

A Canadian soldier who was accused of drugging her comrades with cannabis-laced cupcakes at a live-fire training exercise has been found guilty of various offences.

Published 23 August 2021

And finally… in the pink

Sardinian authorities have pleaded with tourists not to steal sand from its famous beaches, such as the iconic pink beach on Budelli.

Published 20 August 2021

And finally... soften the blow

A tissue allegedly used by a tearful Lionel Messi during his farewell address to Barcelona FC earlier this month is being sold at auction for $1 million.

Published 19 August 2021

And finally… LOL

A police officer who enjoys watching esports while off duty made an unexpected arrest after recognising a top gamer as a wanted criminal.

Published 18 August 2021

And finally… family guy

A former accounts manager at a non-profit affiliated with a medical school has pleaded guilty to embezzling almost $13 million.

Published 17 August 2021

And finally... waste not

A toilet in South Korea developed by a professor at Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology is offering students cryptocurrency to use the toilet which powers part of a university building with human waste.

Published 16 August 2021

And finally… no inkling

A bungling bank robber left his target empty-handed because bank staff couldn't make decipher the poor handwriting on his threatening note.

Published 13 August 2021

And finally... royal icing

Icing from Charles and Diana's wedding cake has sold at auction for £1,850.

Published 12 August 2021

And finally… The Godmother

A notorious mafia matriarch known as "The Godmother" has been arrested while attempting to flee Italy for Spain.

Published 11 August 2021

And finally... Living walls

A couple who purchased a home fully aware that bees were potentially living in the wall were shocked to learn that an estimated 450,000 of the insects had called the place home for almost 35 years.

Published 10 August 2021

And finally... unorthodox

Fast food giant McDonald's is facing a lawsuit from an Orthodox Christian who claims its advertising pushed her to break her month-long fast for Lent.

Published 9 August 2021

And finally... Bucket list

Staycationers can tick one off their bucket list this summer as KFC plans to open a pop-up fried chicken hotel in London.

Published 6 August 2021

And finally… apples of discord

A dispute between neighbours over an apple tree that allegedly attracts wasps has incurred at least £200,000 in legal costs.

Published 5 August 2021

And finally… baking bad

A woman has admitted providing cannabis brownies to her friends – who then panicked and called an ambulance.

Published 4 August 2021

And finally... Rum do

Kinloch Castle has been put up for sale for just £1.

Published 3 August 2021