And Finally

And finally... bad manors

The most expensive home in the USA has fallen into receivership after the owner defaulted on over $165 million of loans and debt.

Published 10 September 2021

And finally... bowled over

A porcelain bowl thought to have been worth £500 has sold at auction for £320,000 after it turned out to be a rare Chinese artefact.

Published 9 September 2021

And finally... out of whack

A junior council worker who rejected and approved real planning applications, adding sarcastic comments in the process, in the belief they were testing a dummy website has learned that the decisions are now legally binding.

Published 8 September 2021

And finally... Pain in the biomass

A biomass power generator built by Aviva Investors should be torn down because of planning irregularities, a council has ruled.

Published 7 September 2021

Bitcoin becomes legal tender in El Salvador

Bitcoin has controversially become legal tender in El Salvador, the Central American country which gave up its own currency in favour of the US dollar two decades ago.

Published 6 September 2021

And finally... scratch that!

A shopkeeper has been arrested on suspicion of stealing a customer's winning lottery ticket and then attempting to flee the country.

Published 6 September 2021

And finally… bleu on bleu

Three French police officers have been arrested after crashing their car when one of them jokingly used a Taser on the driver.

Published 3 September 2021

And finally… bookworm

A neo-Nazi terrorist has been ordered to read classic novels in lieu of a prison sentence.

Published 2 September 2021

And finally... seize the clay

A collection of prized Meissen porcelain which was seized by the Nazis is set to be sold at an auction in New York next month.

Published 1 September 2021

And finally… porn connoisseur

A couple have been ordered to pay over £22,000 to their son after they binned his massive porn collection.

Published 31 August 2021

And finally… all that glistens

Athletes have complained that gold medals handed out at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics are falling apart.

Published 30 August 2021

And finally… flagged up

A petition demanding that all depictions of Wales' national animal, the Red Dragon, include an erect penis will be considered by Welsh legislators.

Published 27 August 2021

And finally... a little bit

The mayor of Cool Valley, Missouri wants to give every resident £1,000 in bitcoin.

Published 26 August 2021

And finally… rotten luck

Sex Pistols frontman John Lydon – or Johnny Rotten – has lost a High Court battle with his former bandmates over a new TV show about their career.

Published 25 August 2021

And finally… no more riding while elephant’s trunk

New animal protection laws will ban people from riding elephants while drunk.

Published 24 August 2021