And Finally

And finally… accountant selected to join Scotland’s new hutting community

An accountant, a yoga teacher, an architect, a gardener and a foster family are among the first residents selected to form Scotland’s new hutting community.

Published 10 July 2019

And finally… poorer children six times more exposed to tobacco sales

Academics at Edinburgh and Glasgow universities have revealed that children from the most income deprived areas experience similar exposure to tobacco retailing in one day as children from the least deprived areas experienced in one week.

Published 9 July 2019

And finally... a local Waitrose ups house price by 107 per cent

The average price of a property within 1/4 mile of a Waitrose store is £469,933 – or 107 per cent above the national average, it has been revealed.

Published 8 July 2019

And fnally... Network Rail lodges plans to open up Glasgow railway arches for business use

Some of Glasgow’s derelict railway arches could soon be transformed for commercial use under plans drawn up by Network Rail.

Published 5 July 2019

And finally... Orkney Islands hideaway with a £15,000 price tag goes under the hammer

One of the Orkney Islands’ smallest buildings is to go under the hammer at Pugh’s next North West property auction in Manchester, with a guide price of just £15,000.

Published 4 July 2019

And finally... cheque, mate!

A medieval chess piece that was missing for almost 200 years has before being rediscovered by an Edinburgh family after languishing in one of their drawers for decades has been sold at auction for £735,000.

Published 3 July 2019

And finally... Scots to splash nearly £130m on forgotten summer holiday items

People in Scotland need to ensure they take extra spending money on their summer break this year as two thirds (67 per cent) of holidaymakers will forget to pack two essential items for their UK holiday, despite spending nearly a day packing.

Published 2 July 2019

And finally... foodie call

Published 1 July 2019

And finally… Ikea closes in on first UK housing deal

Flat-pack retailer Ikea could be building homes in the UK after a council in the south of England agreed to work with a developer owned by the Swedish giant.

Published 28 June 2019

And finally… Silence of the Nans

Barclays has teamed up with the nation’s oldest grime artists, Pete & Bas, to release a track - Bank Account Details Please – calling for the scammers to ‘jog on’.

Published 27 June 2019

And finally... miles ahead

Frequent fliers are being told to include their air miles in their wills.

Published 26 June 2019

And finally… most Scottish artists earn less than £8k a year

Most self-employed artists in Scotland earn less than £8000 a year from their work, according to a study, prompting calls for art schools and colleges to offer business advice and training to undergraduate students.

Published 25 June 2019

And finally... financial meltdown

Two men allegedly tried to use a blowtorch to break into an ATM – but instead welded it shut.

Published 24 June 2019

And finally... RBS trails software to remove recruitment bias

An Edinburgh-based developer of cutting-edge team-building software has secured a trial with Royal Bank of Scotland whose project managers will use the tool to match employees to the most suitable roles.

Published 21 June 2019

And finally... new bowl for the balls, please!

A family who thought the ornate receptacle they used to keep tennis balls in their hallway has now sold it for almost £4 million.

Published 20 June 2019