And Finally

And finally... supermarket launches UK-wide "Too Good To Waste" baskets

Supermarket chain Lidl has announced that it is rolling out its ‘Too Good To Waste’ fruit and vegetable boxes across all of its stores in Scotland, Wales and England following a successful, industry-first trial.

Published 28 March 2019

And finally... more than half of Brits don't know how much is in their bank account

An overwhelming number (57 per cent) of British people say they can’t confirm the amount of money in their bank account.

Published 27 March 2019

And finally... fundraising campaign launched for £25m Princes Street Gardens revamp

A £25 million fundraising campaign has been launched to support the Ross Development Trust’s project to transform Princes Street Gardens.

Published 26 March 2019

And finally... how much would a woodchuck pay, if a woodchuck shouldn't chuck wood..?

A man accused of "butchering" a tree near his property in order to increase his home's value has been ordered to pay £21,000 under proceeds of crime legislation.

Published 25 March 2019

And finally... boredom is the mother of invention

A suspected teenage bank robber allegedly told police that he carried out an armed robbery because had "decided to try something new today".

Published 22 March 2019

And finally... no such thing as a free lunch

A woman has been charged with drug offences after allegedly handing out cannabis-infused cookies during a St Patrick's Day parade.

Published 21 March 2019

And finally... Spielberg movie to be shot at Govan Docks

Glasgow could be in for a major economic boost after it was revealed today that Hollywood producer Steven Spielberg has been granted permission to film his latest movie in Glasgow.

Published 20 March 2019

And finally... 'Messi' pigeon makes £1m transfer

The Lionel Messi of the pigeon world has been sold for a record fee of more than £1 million.

Published 19 March 2019

And finally... Scottish households' loose purse strings defy stingy stereotype

Scots’ thrifty reputation is in doubt after research from ISA provider, Scottish Friendly, revealed that households in Scotland spend more freely than many others across the UK.

Published 18 March 2019

And finally... the Big-ger Apple

The Mayor of New York City is going to make the Island of Manhattan, and the epicentre of global finance, bigger - literally.

Published 15 March 2019

And finally... American author honoured for contribution to Scottish tourism industry

Diana Gabaldon, the American author of the Outlander series of books is to be honoured at the Scottish tourism ‘Oscars’ tonight as a new VisitScotland research paper reveals the extent of the effect her creation has had on Scottish tourism.

Published 14 March 2019

And finally... face-lift (not retirement) for Switzerland's mega note

The Swiss National Bank has today put into circulation its new new 1000-franc note, which is one of the highest denomination notes in the world, with a value of £760.

Published 13 March 2019

And finally… ‘Black hole’ 50p recognises Hawkings' beautiful mind

The life of British physicist Stephen Hawking is to be celebrated with a new commemorative 50p coin inspired by his pioneering work on the interstellar phenomenon of black holes.

Published 12 March 2019

And finally... bank links mobile app to number plates for parking payment

A Belgian bank has used new technology to allow its customers to link their vehicle’s number plates to the its mobile app, enabling them to pay for their parking automatically from their current accounts.

Published 11 March 2019

And finally... Fearless Girl campaign comes to London

New York asset management business State Street Global Advisors has today brought its Fearless Girl campaign to the City of London with a new statue in Paternoster Square, against the backdrop of the London Stock Exchange and St Paul’s Cathedral.

Published 8 March 2019