And Finally

And finally... I'll tax your tweet

Uganda has approved plans for a social media tax in order to clamp down on gossip.

Published 1 June 2018

And finally... out of the box

A woman has spoken of her shock after realising she paid property tax on a plastic box in her back garden for nine years.

Published 31 May 2018

And finally…Scottish addiction clinic opens crypto-currency rehab programmes

A rehab clinic in the Scottish borders is now offering a treatment for crypto-currency traders who cannot stop speculating with the volatile investment.

Published 30 May 2018

And finally...Cryptocurrency’s answer to Banksy launches most anonymous coins yet

A University of Strathclyde graduate has launched what he believes to be the most secure, private and untraceable cryptocurrency yet.

Published 29 May 2018

And finally...Highland community to make whisky cask investment for every youngster

A highlands community is giving its young people a cask of whisky for their 18th birthday to encourage families to remain in the area.

Published 25 May 2018

And finally… Swimming pools, wine cellars, gyms and a beach – London’s basement conversions revealed

Researchers from Newcastle University have revealed the vast scale of London’s super basements including one underground excavation complete with its own beach.

Published 24 May 2018

And finally…Scottish parents spending over £4,500 on children’s birthday parties

The Bank of Scotland's latest ‘How Scotland Lives’ research has found that almost half (42 per cent) of Scottish parents organise a birthday party for their children, spending an average of £270 per year, or the equivalent of over £4,500 during the child’s lifetime.

Published 23 May 2018

And finally…you’re gonna need a bigger boat - "pointless" mobile bank clogging vital ferry link

The ongoing fallout from Royal Bank of Scotland’s controversial cull of its rural branch network has taken an unexpected turn after a local MP on the Isle of Barra accused the mobile bank introduced to maintain services for customers of needlessly taking up valuable deck space as the island’s tourism season kicks in.

Published 22 May 2018

And finally…bank deploys analysts to find most likely World Cup winners

With the domestic football season mostly drawing to a close over the weekend, thoughts will now be turning to the rapidly approaching World Cup in Russia, and UBS has wasted no time in delving into the prediction game.

Published 21 May 2018

And finally...Edinburgh bus driver foils ATM ram-raid thieves

A bus driver and his passengers have foiled a brazen ATM smash-and-grab attempt in the heart of Edinburgh by blocking the gang’s getaway.

Published 18 May 2018

And finally…Ramsay suffers own Kitchen Nightmare with multi-million pound losses

Scottish celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, whose long running TV programme, Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, sees the volatile restaurateur tour the world berating the owners of failing eateries, has seen his own restaurant group, which includes Savoy Grill and Petrus, burnt by a loss of £3.8 million for the year to August 2017.

Published 17 May 2018

And finally...maths anxiety holding back millions

New research released today to mark the launch of the UK’s first ever National Numeracy Day has shown that anxiety around numeracy and maths could be holding back millions of people across the UK from getting on at work or getting a better deal on their personal finances.

Published 16 May 2018

And finally…Scots businesswoman in penniless global charity fundraiser

A businesswoman who regularly commutes from her home in the north of Scotland to Switzerland is to set off on a three-day, 10,000 mile trip across the world – without spending a single penny.

Published 15 May 2018

And Finally…bank slammed for snooping on mortgage customers' social media accounts

Mortgage applicants to Allied Irish Bank (AIB) now have to sign a consent form allowing the lender to snoop on their social media accounts.

Published 14 May 2018

And finally…one in three couples have secret savings or investments - Pru

Nearly one in three couples (31 per cent) have secret savings or investments that they have deliberately started without telling their partner or spouse, the Prudential has found.

Published 11 May 2018