And Finally

And finally...Scots study finds third of fruit and veg crop "too ugly" to sell

More than one-third of farmed fruit and vegetables never reaches supermarket shelves because it is misshapen or the wrong size, new research carried out at Edinburgh Universtiy suggests.

Published 20 August 2018

And finally... hazy intentions

Tesla founder Elon Musk has denied that he was "on weed" when he announced he wanted to take his company private at $420 a share.

Published 17 August 2018

And finally... plane stupid

A man who phoned a hoax bomb threat to an airport in order to delay a flight he was worried about missing has been jailed.

Published 16 August 2018

And edition whisky sale brings road to a hault

A special sale of Macallan whisky at the firm's Speyside distillery attracted so many people eyeing  potential investment opportunity that it caused major traffic local problems and even led to a road being completely closed.

Published 15 August 2018

And finally…FBI puts banks on worldwide alert over ATM attack fears

The FBI has issued a warning to banks describing how cyber criminals are planning a highly-coordinated, worldwide attack on cash machines that could see millions of dollars withdrawn from customer bank accounts.

Published 14 August 2018

And finally...£16m of rare Scotch sold at auction in past six months

More than £16 million of rare Scotch whisky has been sold in bottles at UK auction during the first six months of the year, according to new figures published today by whisky analyst, broker and investment experts Rare Whisky 101.

Published 13 August 2018

And finally…UK’s first off grid holiday home developed in Perthshire

The UK’s first off grid holiday home, which has no connection to mains power, water or sewage, has been developed by a Perth businesswoman.

Published 10 August 2018

And finally...a fishy tale

A Scottish fisherman’s ploy to get a free lift home from police by claiming he’d been assaulted has ended up costing him a £500 fine instead.

Published 9 August 2018

And finally...rubbing Trump's nose in it

An enterprising businessman is cleaning up at this year's Edinburgh Festival where he is currently flogging 250 rolls a day of toilet paper with Donald Trump’s face printed on it.

Published 8 August 2018

And finally…America’s largest marijuana business park breaks ground

A real estate development and property management company has broken ground on a first-of-its-kind cannabis-only business park in California.

Published 7 August 2018

And finally...that's (almost) torn it!

A Scottish couple who have been revealed as the winners of the huge £57.9 million jackpot in the EuroMillions have told how checking their ticket almost ended in disaster after it was torn in half and thrown in the bin.

Published 3 August 2018

And finally....Starling Bank launches vertical debit cards

Starling, the mobile-only challenger bank, is introducing a new debit card with a vertical design that puts all customer details, including name, card number and expiry date, on the back.

Published 2 August 2018

And finally...Apple close to history as $1 trillion value looms

Global technology giant Apple is within striking distance of becoming the world's first ever trillion dollar company.

Published 1 August 2018

And finally...uber sickening

A new scam called “vomit fraud,” that has emerged in America has begun spreading to other places around the world, hitting unsuspecting passengers in the pocket.

Published 31 July 2018

And finally...confirmed: suck-ups are workplace's most idle

Kissing up to the boss at work may help boost employees’ careers but it also depletes the employees’ self-control resources, leaving them more susceptible to behaving badly in the workplace, a new study has found.

Published 30 July 2018