And Finally

And finally... top prize

The helmet worn by Tom Cruise in the film Top Gun has sold at an auction for a whopping £250,000. 

Published 1 September 2020

And finally... fleeced

The world's most expensive sheep sold in Scotland last week for a whopping £367,500.

Published 31 August 2020

And finally... quarantined

An American man travelling through Canada is facing a fine of up to C$750,000 (£432,000) or six months in jail after he broke quarantine rules. 

Published 28 August 2020

And finally... blue on blue

Police have had to open an investigation into themselves after a senior officer reported a theft – in her own station.

Published 27 August 2020

And finally... R U Mine?

A guitar belonging to Alex Turner, the frontman of the Arctic Monkeys, has raised £128,544 to support independent music venues in the UK.

Published 26 August 2020

And finally... brought to book

Facebook has paid €100 million to the French tax office. 

Published 25 August 2020

And finally... a monster gaffe

A six-year-old boy has bought a £19,000 monster truck on eBay.

Published 24 August 2020

And finally... Playbnb

A playhouse listed on Airbnb as a joke has been booked by a family of four for a weekend break.

Published 21 August 2020

And finally... bumper car

A man has bought an old dodgem off eBay for £30 and transformed it into a fully-functioning mobility scooter. 

Published 20 August 2020

And finally... don't bank on mum and dad

Italy's Supreme Court has made a landmark decision regarding parent's obligations to financially support their children, following a five year legal battle between a 35-year-old man and his parents.

Published 19 August 2020

And finally... lucky number

A Chinese mobile phone number ending with five eights has sold for 2.25 million yuan (£250,000) in an online auction.

Published 18 August 2020

And finally... unmasked

ISIS allegedly ran a coronavirus personal protective equipment (PPE) scam, according to the US Department of Justice (DOJ). 

Published 17 August 2020

And finally... digging the dirt

Trowels will be left in 90 lay-bys in parts of the Highlands for people who desperately need the toilet to dig a hole and deposit their waste.

Published 14 August 2020

And finally... loadsamoney

The former chairman of China Huarong Asset Management, stored his money at several properties, including 270 million yuan (£29 million) in a room full of safes and vaults which he called the “supermarket” because he frequented it as often as he would visit a market. The court head that Mr Lai also accepted property, luxury cars, expensive watches, gold bars and works of art as forms of payment. He pleaded guilty to the charges of taking bribes, corruption and bigamy in a court in the northern city of Tianjin, The Times reports. He could face life in prison or the death penalty, although this is unusual for financial crimes.  

Published 13 August 2020

And finally... safety first

Ottawa police have reported that a man accused of robbing a bank last week followed physical distancing protocols before attempting to rob the branch. 

Published 12 August 2020