And Finally

And finally…Punter places £3000 gamble on Lib Dems to beat Salmond

Amid the final throws of election campaigning, one politically-minded punter in Aberdeen is attempting to beat the odds after placing what polls would suggest is an optimistic £3,000 bet on the Liberal Democrats to beat former First Minister Alex Salmond and retain their Gordon seat.

Published 6 May 2015

And finally…Scottish workers would prefer extra holidays to a bonus

As many Scottish employees return to work after the first of two Spring bank holidays,  new research from PwC has revealed that, if offered, most Scottish workers would prefer to take five days extra holiday than receive a one-off bonus of £500.

Published 5 May 2015

And finally…Bankers most likely to cheat –in love

Those working in finance are more likely to cheat on their partner than any other profession, according to new research.

Published 1 May 2015

And finally… Quarter of Scots newlyweds still paying for big day six years later

The pressure to have a dream wedding or civil partnership is coming at a high cost for some couples, as almost a quarter (24 per cent) of Scots borrow to fund their big day, according to new research.

Published 30 April 2015

And finally…Idea of inheritance is dying as retirees start ‘giving while living’

The UK’s biggest bank has published the results of a new survey that suggest we are now seeing the death of the traditional idea of leaving an inheritance.

Published 29 April 2015

And finally…RBS latest to encroach on 144 year-old bank holiday tradition

The 144 year-old tradition of banks closing to give us all a day off may be under an ever-increasing threat after 80 per cent taxpayer-owned Royal Bank of Scotland announced that it is to open 34 branches across the UK on Monday’s Spring bank holiday.

Published 28 April 2015

And finally…Number of Scottish billionaires hits record high

Scotland now has a record nine billionaires - up from seven last year, according to the latest Sunday Times Rich List.

Published 27 April 2015

And finally…Tiny Aberdeenshire village could be a gold mine -literally

The Aberdeenshire village of Towie does not even have a shop, but it may soon turn into one of the world’s hottest gold prospects after experts said it could be sitting on top of billions of pounds worth of the precious metal.

Published 24 April 2015

And finally… Dumfries DJ joins musical rich list with £70m fortune

A Scottish DJ is a new entry in The Sunday Times Rich List having amassed an estimated £70 million fortune at the tender age of 31.

Published 23 April 2015

And finally…Scottish building tycoon leaves £25m to charity

Scots-based businessman Basil Larsen has left the bulk of his £33 million fortune to charity, according to his recently published will.

Published 22 April 2015

And finally… ‘A royal princess could bring in £1bn to UK economy over her lifetime'

Kate Middleton's second baby expected to generate £80 million for economy immediately after being born, which could rise to £150m a year -if it's a girl.

Published 21 April 2015

And Finally...Men dig deep for charity…but more for a pretty face

New research by academics has revealed that men compete to outdo each other with the size of their charity donations when the recipient is a pretty woman.

Published 20 April 2015

And finally…Halifax finds invasion of old fogies has sparked facebook youth exodus

The increasing number of older people using digital technology has sparked a social media exodus among younger users, according to one bank’s report.

Published 17 April 2015

And finally…Oligarch who wants to live forever will give you $1m…when you’re 123 years old

A multi-millionaire from Moldova who has aspirations of living forever has just offered one million dollars to the first person in the world to reach the age of 123.

Published 16 April 2015

And finally…CEO takes $1m pay cut to start company-wide $70k minimum wage

The CEO of an American credit card processing company has today been branded the world’s best boss after taking a nearly $1 million pay cut in order to raise the firm's minimum salary to $70,000.

Published 15 April 2015