Thieves destroy building in attempt to rip out ATM with digger, two lorries and forklift truck

A group of hapless raiders managed to partially demolish a building in Cambridgeshire as they tried to pry an ATM out of the wall – but still left empty-handed.

In the early hours of Tuesday morning, the bungling criminals tried using a digger, two lorries and forklift truck to remove the cash machine, but to no avail.

But their efforts left the Delph petrol station in the village of Whittlesey near Peterborough, , close to collapse, according to the Mail.

Cambridgeshire Police said: “It is believed there were four men there, all wearing black clothing.

“It has been reported that there were a number of vehicles used. A red car, believed to be an Audi, was seen to make off in the direction of Thorney/Dog in a Doublet.”

According to the BBC, the force said that the cash machine was left at the scene, although it was not clear whether cash or anything else was stolen.

Unsurprisingly, the petrol station has been closed after being declared unsafe for use.

Meanwhile, police in Essex are also investigating three separate incidents of ATM theft, which are being linked.

Heavy machinery similar to that used in the Cambridgeshire hit was also used in those thefts.

Video courtesy of SWNS TV