The Scottish Investment Trust launches new online learning hub

James Will
James Will

The Scottish Investment Trust, also known simply as The Scottish, has announced the launch of a new online learning hub designed to reach out to a wider audience.

The launch of the learning hub has been marked with a three-part series of videos, “Money… what’s it all about?”, presented by Young Money blogger Iona Bain.

The new series looks at the evolution and importance of money, its management, and how investors might patiently weather the vagaries of the stockmarket. It takes viewers on an enjoyable journey, investigating how the pound in the pocket is related to the actions of global central banks.

As well as sharing insight on broad topics and contrarian investing alike, The Scottish’s new hub will provide access to the Association of Investment Companies’ investing basics and explain the benefits of investment trusts in general.

Investment trusts are often able to provide a steady dividend and be held in an ISA or SIPP, potentially making them a tax efficient choice for investors of all ages.

James Will, chairman of The Scottish, said: “The development of our learning hub embodies the educational and plain English approach we have long taken when communicating with our investors. Financial literacy is an essential life skill.”

Alasdair McKinnon, manager, said: “Our unconstrained, contrarian style of investing is designed to provide low cost, global diversification for UK investors over the longer-term. It means that we approach markets, and specifically risk and reward, in a very different way to the passive or momentum investment style options out there. Markets are more often defined by emotion, not dispassionate calculation - we don’t look to follow the crowd.”

Ms Bain, founder of the Young Money blog, added: “People today are faced with an overwhelming and sophisticated financial world. They may not be aware of the benefits of investing or the full spectrum of opportunities available to them to grow their money in the long-term.

“The Scottish is a Trust I have long followed and I have seen them present straightforward explanations of market conditions as well as pay a rising dividend. I am proud to be working with them on this important initiative. The Young Money Blog has always favoured a contrarian approach to personal finance, encouraging its readers to be questioning and thoughtful in this age of information overload.”

The Scottish, which pays its dividend quarterly, is an independent trust with a high-conviction, active investment approach, investing globally over the long term. As one of the oldest and largest global trusts, it has provided investors with both capital growth and income since 1887.

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