Scottish Government announces £715,000 fund for pig producers

A new Scottish Government scheme will provide up to £715,000 of financial support to pig producers affected by the temporary closure of the abattoir at Brechin earlier this year.

Mairi Gougeon, rural affairs secretary

The Pig Producers Hardship Support Scheme delivers essential funding to eligible pig producers who supplied the Quality Pig Processors (QPP) plant at Brechin between 8 February and 31 March and were paid £15 less per pig by the abattoir during this period.

Mairi Gougeon, rural affairs secretary, said: “I am very pleased to announce the opening of the Scottish Government’s Pig Producers Hardship Support Scheme for applications.

“The COVID-related closure of Brechin abattoir earlier this year and the subsequent loss of the plant’s export licence to China have had a negative impact on pig farmers, during already challenging times for the farming industry.”

She added: “We have worked closely with the sector to make sure that this hardship fund provides affected farmers with adequate financial support for losses incurred through no fault of their own.

“The scheme is open for applications until 26 September 2021. I would encourage all eligible producers to submit their applications as soon as possible.”

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