Scotland has highest level of female-run businesses

Scotland has the highest level of women in business across the UK, according to new data from tech company UENI.

With 32.91% of Scotland’s small businesses now being run by women, Scotland is the best area in the UK to open a business as a woman.

UENI has ranked Glasgow as one of the top ten cities for women in business. The city came in at number 10 in the listing.

UENI said that Scotland’s place in the ranking reflects its continuing strides for gender diversity in the workplace.

The tech company ranked Northern Ireland in last place with only 27.49% of its entrepreneurs being female, failing to meet the national average rates.

Despite London’s resolute business reputation, it placed only 9th in the list with only 32.88% of London’s small business owners being women.

The top three places in the list were Derby, Doncaster and Hull, standing at 40.57%, 40.54% and 39.32% respectively.

Christine Telyan, UENI’s co-founder, said: “Not everyone is drawn to the idea of a city where the costs of housing and childcare are constantly rising. I think women are realizing that there are more choices out there than ever before, it’s all about adapting to your environment and knowing where your customers are.”

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