And finally… dissolve your bank card and make a contactless ring

There is now a new, home-made addition to the rapidly growing trend of wearable fintech after it emerged online that someone has dissolved their credit card and put the RFID chip in a ring to go on their finger.

While still largely seen as a novelty, manufactured wearables now allow people making contactless payments to use everything from Apple Phones to keychains to jackets.

Building on this, a member of the instructables website has posted an online guide to making your own contactless bling.

All you need is a second card, a soldering iron, resin, 3D printer, and some patience.

To make your ring, first ask your bank for a replacement card, dissolve it in acetone, take out the RFID chip and solder a new antenna to it. Then, print a ring inner frame, glue the chip to it and put it in a ring mold before filling it with resin.

You can now make contactless payments without having to get your wallet or phone out of your pocket.