Most Scots first-time buyers opting for houses over flats -Clydesdale

clydesdale-bankNew research from the Clydesdale Bank has shown that 63 per cent of first time buyers in Scotland are now setting their sights on owning a house rather than a flat.

This compares to a UK average of 72 per cent.

However the UK average is also up considerably on last year when only 57 per cent of first time buyers said they wanted a house rather than a flat, according to the Glasgow-based bank’ s research.

The 28 per cent who said they preferred a flat this year is significantly down on 2014 when 43 per cent of UK first time buyers were aiming to buy a flat rather than a house.

Steve Fletcher
Steve Fletcher

Steve Fletcher, director, retail banking, said: “Our research has underlined the changing expectations of first time buyers and a combination of factors such as people entering the property market at an older age and homeowners staying in their home for a longer length of time is having an impact on the preferred type of home for first time buyers. “

Preferred Type of Property:

Type of Property 2015 2014
Three bedroom house 38% 32%
Two bedroom house 32% 22%
One bedroom house 2% 3%
Three bedroom flat 3% 11%
Two bedroom flat 17% 24%
One bedroom flat 8% 8%


The research also highlighted that only Londoners are opting for flats when taking their first step onto the property ladder reflecting the high property prices, availability of housing stock and distinct challenges of buying a home in the capital.

The London market shows a stark contrast to the 92 per cent of those surveyed in Yorkshire and 90% in the Midlands who wanted a house rather than sampling apartment living.

Regional Breakdown of house v flat:

Region House Flat Other
UK average 72% 28% <1%
Yorkshire 92% 6% 2%
Midlands 90% 10% n/a
Wales 84% 16% n/a
North West 84% 16% n/a
East 82% 18% n/a
South West 79% 19% 2%
South East 77% 23% n/a
Scotland 63% 37% n/a
North East 56% 44% n/a
London 37% 62% 1%


Mr Fletcher added: “We recognise everyone has their own particular needs and requirements and that’s why at Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks we focus on helping customers find the best way to buy their dream property, leaving them to concentrate on what matters most to them such as the location and whether it is a three bedroom home or a one bedroom flat.”