Make your voice heard in the WES Survey

Women’s Enterprise Scotland has launched its annual survey of women-owned and women-led business in Scotland.

The WES survey offers a unique platform for Scottish female entrepreneurs to make their voices heard.

Please share your thoughts and experiences of what it is like to start, run and grow a business in Scotland.

By gathering this data and finding out about what’s working well in the enterprise ecosystem and what do we need to do more of, we can actively drive the changes that are needed to close the gender gap in enterprise.

Analysis of the survey data will be used in a report published by WES later this year which will be available online and made freely available to the public.

The WES survey is available here until midnight on 30 June 2019.

Please note that all data provided in this survey will be anonymised and will be kept securely for the purposes of this research study only. Data will not be shared with any third party.