Gorgie City Farm fundraiser receives £20,000 from mystery contributor

The fundraising appeal launched to save Edinburgh’s Gorgie City Farm has received a donation of £20,000 from an anonymous contributor.

The farm fell into financial difficulty earlier this month and was forced to call in a liquidator.

Since then, a GoFundMe page was set up in an attempt to try to save the site.

On the Edinburgh Community Farm’s Facebook page, the announcement of the anonymous donation was made.

The farm said: “Dear Edinburgh & beyond. The GoFundMe page is now at an incredible £92,665!! This morning an anonymous person donated £20,000. Who knew 18 days ago that we could be so strong together?

“We can now add 92,665 MORE reasons to our list of why this farm is so important to the community. I want you to take a pause & really stop to reflect on this incredible achievement. 3,227 people donated (that’s an average donation of £22 before the 20K donation!!), over 11K people shared just the GoFundMe page, our social media pages has reached over half a million people and hundreds of thousands of people spread the word to make this happen.”

Following the revelation of the £20,000 donation, the Edinburgh Community Farm facebook page announced that councillor Adam McVey said on Twitter that he would be asking the City of Edinburgh Council “to approve £27,000 to give the liquidator more time to support the process of identifying a preferred bidder for Gorgie City Farm”.

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