Gilson Gray launches will writing digital technology

Gilson Gray is pioneering digital technology to help simplify one of life’s most challenging tasks - to write a will.

Joe Davies, senior solicitor of Gilson Gray’s private client team

The firm has combined smart technology with outstanding advice and customer service to make will writing a better experience for its clients and without ever having to see a lawyer in person.

It also believes the enforced cultural shift towards home working has opened up the potential for legal services like this to increasingly become the norm.

Joe Davies, senior solicitor of Gilson Gray’s private client team, said: “We think our online wills service will quickly become a market leader. Our team have been working on this project for the last nine months and I am excited to see how we can continue to evolve our services and make them more accessible to our clients throughout Scotland.

“The current position - which has seen huge numbers of people work remotely - has served to show that there is virtually no barrier to carrying out a task digitally, or the need to go into a physical office environment.

“Previously, to write a will you would have to arrange an appointment with a lawyer, then likely go through a long and complex meeting – all of it costly, time-consuming and usually at the convenience of the lawyer, not you.        

“Our service is the reverse of this – it’s modern, cost-efficient and puts you in charge. It also fully embodies our focus at Gilson Gray to be the best law firm in Scotland by using insightful and imaginative thinking to deliver a different kind of legal service.”

Gilson Gray said it recognises that although a will is a vital document, the hardest part is getting started – so it allows clients to begin the process from the comfort of their own homes.

Clients are asked to complete a will questionnaire which should take no more than ten minutes.

From there, one of the Gilson Gray Private Client team will make contact to discuss instructions and provide a quote. The team can arrange a virtual appointment, by telephone or video-telephone, to discuss instructions in greater detail.

However, if someone would prefer a traditional face-to-face meeting, they can still come to Gilson Gray’s Edinburgh or Glasgow offices.

Mr Davies added: “We are here to guide clients through every stage of the process and provide expert advice and assistance.

“We know that clients want to be able to access information securely and easily. We have placed an emphasis on modernising the service that we provide, based upon customer feedback.

“For example, clients can view their completed will using mobile or tablet devices through our secure application known as ‘ShareFile’. This allows them to access important documents at a time that suits them.

“We will also store the principal will in our firm’s strongroom and we do not charge a monthly or annual fee for holding it on your behalf.”

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