And finally…Oligarch who wants to live forever will give you $1m…when you’re 123 years old

Dmitry Kaminskiy
Dmitry Kaminskiy

A multi-millionaire from Moldova who has aspirations of living forever has just offered one million dollars to the first person in the world to reach the age of 123.

A senior partner of the Hong Kong-based Deep Knowledge Ventures, Dmitry Kaminskiy hopes his offer of cash will trigger a new group of what is known as “supercenternarians”, the Daily Mail newspaper has reported.

Mr Kaminskiy said: “We live in the most exciting era of human development when technologies become exponential and transformative. They may not realize it, but some of the supercentenarians alive today may see the dawn of the next century if they live long enough for these transformative technologies to develop.”

Kaminskiy’s hope is that he will succeed in helping people to reach an older age, as he said, “I hope that my prize will help some of them desire longer lifespans and make their approaches to living longer a little more competitive.”

The oldest person who ever lived was Jeanne Calment, who died in 1997 having lived to the age of 122.5.

For now, the oldest living people are Americans Susannah Mushatt Jones, aged 115 Jeralean Talley, also 115 but older by 44 days.

The well-known gerontologist, Dr. Aubrey de Grey, chief scientist at SENS Research Foundation and Anti-Aging Advisor to the U.S. Transhumanist Party, told reporters that in the near future, scientists may be able to control aging.

He said: “I’d say we have a 50/50 chance of bringing aging under what I’d call a decisive level of medical control within the next 25 years or so.”

In January, Kaminskiy made a bet with Dr. Alex Zhavoronkov, CEO of anti-aging company Insilico Medicine for a million dollars in stock who would live beyond 100 years of age.

Dr. Zhavoronkov said at the time: “Longevity competitions may be a great way to combat both psychological and biological ageing. I hope that we will start a trend.”