And finally…Halifax finds invasion of old fogies has sparked facebook youth exodus

Argue_ComputerThe increasing number of older people using digital technology has sparked a social media exodus among younger users, according to one bank’s report.

The Halifax’s “digital home index” found that a third of younger people, or “digital natives”, are turning away from traditional forms of social media such as Facebook because their parents are now using it.

The study found 32 per cent of 16- to 34-year-olds have deleted their own Facebook account and 33 per cent have deleted or blocked a family member.

It shows that while 85 per cent of digital natives have a smartphone and 59 per cent have a tablet device, those aged 55 and over, or “digital converts” are catching up with 52 per cent owning a smartphone and 49 per cent a tablet.

Just nine per cent of the older age group owned a smartphone in 2012, according to Ofcom figures.

More than half (59 per cent) have a Facebook account, with 23 per cent signing up in the last three years, a third (32 per cent) use Skype and 17 per cent have Whatsapp.

But one in 10 younger people admits deliberately using social media channels where they cannot normally be found by their family, such as Twitter (53 per cent), Instagram (42 per cent) and Snapchat (39 per cent).

Opinium Research surveyed 2,003 UK adults online.