And finally…FBI places Scottish businessman on ‘most wanted’ list

The FBI has placed a Scottish businessman on its infamous “most wanted” list for allegedly defrauding customers and financial institutions in the US.


The ‘Feds’ are currently offering a reward of up to £13,600 for information leading to the arrest of 32-year-old Edinburgh-born Afzal Khan.

His offences allegedly took place while he was owner of Emporio Motor Group, a car dealership in Ramsey, New Jersey.

A federal arrest warrant was issued for Mr Khan by a US court last October.

It was issued after he was charged with wire fraud.

On its website, the FBI states: “From approximately December 2013 to September 2014, Khan allegedly obtained loans for vehicles that were never delivered, obtained loans for vehicles without proper title, and issued insufficient funds checks.

“Khan also allegedly offered to sell vehicles on consignment and then neither returned the vehicles nor provided any funds for the vehicle sales.

“One financial institution has an estimated exposure of $1.7m in automobile loans.”

The FBI also stated that additional fraudulent loans, and about 75 individual victims, had also been identified.

According to the agency, Mr Khan has a scar on his right arm and has used the aliases Afzal Ahmad Khan, Bobby Khan and Robby Khan.