And finally…Scots brewer delivers free beer for six months…by mistake

Free Beer

Bosses at a Scottish brewery have admitted that an administrative error made by an “over-zealous” worker saw orders dispatched for free.

For the past six months, customers of Arran Brewery have been getting free beer delivered through its website.

While in some cases the order had not been paid for, in others the order had not even been completed, the company said as it explained that a member of its staff had been trying to get stock out quickly.

While a spokesperson declined to reveal the amount of beer which had been given away by the eager worker, it was revealed that, as well as genuine customers, some beer was sent to fraudulent card holders and people who cancelled or did not even complete their order.

Managing director Gerald Michaluk said: “This is a well-intentioned employee who thought he was doing the best for the customers and the company by getting stock out quickly.

“It was not until an audit showed a shortfall in receipts that the mistake was realised.

“We will now be writing to all those who have received stock in error with a request that they pay for the goods, or allow us to collect them.

“This was a very serious breach in our protocol and we will be tightening up on training and system documentation so that this cannot happen again.”

He added: “This is not showing our best side. On the other hand there will be a lot of extra happy customers out there.”