And finally… water of life

‘Craft’ water from springs and lochs near whisky distilleries in Scotland is being sold for about £60 a litre, The Times reports.

Graeme Lindsay, whose Uisge Source company sells three types of whisky water at a cost of £3 for a 5cl miniature bottle, has sold a million bottles since 2016.

“When we were trying to come up with the perfect water we found that different waters will open up your whisky in different ways,” he said.

“We added tap water to one whisky and waters from different regions of Scotland to the others.

“The end result in the final dram is going to be changed. Water that hasn’t been treated with added chemicals has minerality that opens up the oils in the whisky.

“If you are paying a lot of money for an aged whisky then you want to be thinking about what you are putting in. Whisky already has incredible aromas and flavours. Why would you want to add more flavours when a dash of the right water will reveal more aromas for greater appreciation?” he added.