And finally…uber sickening

A new scam called “vomit fraud,” that has emerged in America has begun spreading to other places around the world, hitting unsuspecting passengers in the pocket.

The con sees passengers who have requested Uber cars delivered to their destination only to later receive a note from Uber reporting an “adjustment” in the bill and an extra charge that can range upwards from £100 to clean up vomit from the vehicle they were in and which the driver claims they were responsible for.

If the claim is challenged by the passenger via the “help” button on Uber’s app or internet page, they are shown photos submitted by the driver of vomit in the vehicle, which Uber considers sufficient evidence to charge the fee.

Vomit fraud has surfaced in different parts of the US, including Florida, New York and California, but it has yet to be reported in the UK.

Uber told el Nuevo Herald newspaper in Florida that it is “actively looking into reports where fraud may be detected and will take appropriate actions on those accounts.”

The company added it did not have specific numbers on fraud cases but that “the vast majority of cleaning fee reports are legitimately the result of someone making a mess in the car. In the instances where we find a confirmed case of fraud, we take appropriate action.