And finally… Turkey tax

A mum from Essex is charging her Christmas guests £40 a head for their meal.

Mandie Holgate, mum of two, made the decision to charge her guests after the Christmas celebration, alongside buying presents left her financial unstable in the new year.

She told The Sun: “I realised - especially as the kids in the family were getting bigger - that I was spending an absolute fortune on Christmas Day,” 

“It all adds up and you wouldn’t get free food in a restaurant.”

Ms Holgate worked out that all in, Christmas day cost her £700, as she catered for over 12 people.

She added: “Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas, I love hosting and I love my family, but it is so expensive. In total I’ve worked out it costs more than £700 to buy lunch for 16 people… I’m not made of money.”

“When I told my colleagues about it they laughed but then admitted it sounded amazing - way better than their Christmas Days.

“One person - I won’t say who - disputed how much everything cost so I actually created an Excel spreadsheet outlining my expenditure.

“When I showed them it they were stunned. And gladly handed over the £40. Because it emerged that actually I was undercharging people.

“I know some people think it is bonkers how much I spend on just one day, and I know other people will kick up an absolute fuss that I’m charging my family.

“I love to host and I want to. I’m happy to cook and clear up. I just want people to pay for what they eat and drink so come January I’m not existing on beans on toast.”