And finally…Spotify swamped with refund requests over spam Drake promotion

Subscribers of music streaming giant Spotify’s premium, ad-free accounts are demanding refunds after being spammed by a promotion campaign for Canadian rapper Drake’s latest album.

Drake’s latest offering ‘Scorpion’ was released a week ago today, but has already made history after it broke streaming records on both Apple Music and Spotify, with more than 302 million plays in a single day.

But some users complained that Spotify put the Toronto artist’s photo on hundreds of playlists - including ones that didn’t feature his music, such as “Best of British”.

There is no official refund policy from Spotify in place in regards to Drake, but it is thought that members of their customer support team deal with refund queries on a case-by-case basis.

One subscriber said he had been offered one month’s free subscription as a result of his complaint.

“I pay for premium because I do not want to see or listen to ads,” he wrote in a chat with Spotify’s customer support team, a transcript of which was posted on Reddit.

“Why then is my personalised homepage literally covered in advertisements for Drake? I have not listened to this artist, nor do I listen to music similar to this artist.”

A member of the support team replied: “I agree with all the things you’ve mentioned” and offered to refund his most recent payment.