And finally… Robin Hood government raids narco’s garages

The new left-wing government in Mexico has hailed the success of a “Robin Hood” auction it has held of dozens of luxury cars seized from criminals to raise money for its social welfare programmes.

The auction was held in the country’s capital Mexico City and organised by a new government department called the “institute to return the stolen to the people”.

The event raised about £1.1 million following the sale of vehicles such as a 2007 Lamborghini Murciélago, which sold for 1.7 million pesos (£70,000), and a red Shelby truck described as an “office on wheels” that went for more than £90,000.

The funds will be sent to the impoverished southern state of Oaxaca to invest in roads and schools.

Car collectors at the auction, in the grounds of the former official presidential residence, said that high levels of interest helped many of the lots sell for considerably more than market value.

A 2004 classic Volkswagen Beetle, one of the last ever made, went for £13,500, more than double its expected price. The final bid for the Lamborghini also surprised many, as it was missing its keys and its interior appeared badly damaged by its previous owner.