And finally… penny-pinching parliamentarian faces derision

An MP has defended a 9p expenses claim for a 350-yard car journey, claiming that the mileage “does add up” over a year.

Rob Wilson, Conservative member for Reading East, has been derided for claiming expenses on journeys that cost less than £1, including a 528-yard journey for 13p and a drive to a business event at a cost of 68p.

The MP even claimed 60p for a bike ride between his home and the constituency office.

The claims were made between 2013-14, according to the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (Ipsa) website. His total expenses for the year came to £173,885.42 — though payroll costs made up £141,731.88.

Defending his penny-pinching past, Mr Wilson told the Metro: “I am a very active local MP and I meet my constituents.

“With a number of visits each week, over a year the mileage does add up.”