And finally… out of order

A polygamist with three wives and ten children has told a court that he helped to defraud the US government of nearly $470 million (€434m).

The huge sum obtained through a clean energy subsidy scam was allegedly spent on real estate in the US and Turkey and expensive cars including a $1.7 million Bugatti and a golden Ferrari.

Jacob Kingston, a member of a breakaway Mormon sect called “The Order”, has pleaded guilty in Salt Lake City, Utah to tax fraud, money laundering and conspiracy.

However, his co-accused, businessman Lev Dermen, denies all allegations including Mr Kingston’s testimony that Mr Dermen masterminded the plot.

Lawyers for Mr Dermen said Mr Kingston was entirely to blame because defrauding the government is “what The Order does”, The Times reports.

Attorney Mark Geragos told the court: “The Order has a term that’s called bleeding the beast. Bleeding the beast is defrauding the government. That’s the model, that’s the ethos, that’s the mantra.”