And finally… not so smart

Luxury skincare brand Foreo lost almost £8 million on Black Friday when a pricing error caused a £250 face mask to be reduced to £9.

An IT technician at the company is believed to be responsible for the price cut of the company’s UFO Smart Mask Device.

Heavy traffic drawn to the site in light of the price cut caused the website to crash completely, but not before 38,575 copies of the product has been sold.

The Scotsman reports that the Foreo’s founder, Filip Sedic has agreed to honour the purchases and face a £7.7m loss.

Mr Sedic said: “When I heard the news of this glitch, of course, my first reaction was a tad shocked. While we lost over $10m, we gained almost 40,000 new customers and to me, that is the silver lining to this error. So to confirm, we will be honouring all UFO orders.”

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