And finally… not so fast food

In the aftermath of the closure of McDonald’s restaurants across the UK, people have taken to eBay to sell McDonald’s menu items.

One listing on eBay, shows a box of chicken nuggets described as ‘nearly full’ and ‘with six missing’, which currently has the highest bid of £2.40 with the seller promising that it would be dispatched with Royal Mail 1st Class.

A few cheeseburgers from the restaurant chain are also being sold on eBay for 99p. The listing reads: “May need to be reheated.”

One seller listed a Big Mac which currently has a high big of £13.50. The seller said that the item was a “collector’s item only” and di not recommend eating the burger.

The seller also said the money raised from the sale of the Big Mac would go to NHS charities, Ladbible reports.

Similarly, another eBay user has listed eight frozen McDonald’s double cheeseburgers labelled as ‘Good For The End of The World’.

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