And finally… money for nothing

A Danish museum lent an artist $84,000 to reproduce an old work depicting labour. Instead, the artist delivered two empty frames, took the money and called it conceptual art. 

Take the Money and Run is the name of the piece created by artist Jens Haaning.

The Kunsten Museum of Modern Art in ​​Aalborg, Denmark agreed that Haaning would exhibit the banknotes themselves, effectively recreating a pair of artworks he made in 2007 and 2010 that represented the average annual incomes of an Austrian and a Dane, respectively.

However, when the museum opened up the box containing Haaning’s piece, they found two empty frames, Artnet News reports.

The museum is going along with the stunt for now. Haaning’s empty frames are among the works on display in “Work it Out,” the venue’s ongoing show about the role of artists in the larger labour market.

However, when the exhibition ends in January, the museum will want its money back, as is stated in the contract. However, Haaning has no plans to return it.