And finally… Mini-kilt waitresses bound for Scotland


A US restaurant chain with waitresses who wear mini-kilts and tartan crop tops is looking to expand into Scotland, its would-be motherland.

The president of The Tilted Kilt told The Scottish Sun that they were “looking to partner with somebody already in the restaurant business that really knows what they’re doing”.

The US-invented “Celtic” chain, which was founded in Las Vegas, prides itself on its skimpily-dressed ‘Tilted Kilt Girls’.

Its announcement has been met with bemusement from local politicians and compared to the failed 2010 attempt to launch a Hooters outlet in Glasgow.

Sandra White MSP, who represents Glasgow Kelvin, told the tabloid scathingly: “We’re looking to treat women with respect, and I don’t think this bar-restaurant does at all.”

But Ron Lynch, president of the franchise, claimed the chain was already popular with Scottish tourists in the US and Canada, where it has 107 branches.

He added derisively: “There are a lot of boring restaurants in the world — we don’t need one more.”

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