And finally…lotto discord

A woman who won nearly £700,000 from the lottery has announced her first action will be to sue her nephew for his half of the jackpot.

Barbara Reddick said she put nephew Tyrone MacInnis on the ticket for luck but had only promised to share the winnings from a smaller draw.

Ms Reddick, from Nova Scotia, told CBC: “He was lucky, but not for half a million dollars.”

According to reports, she told him as they posed with the novelty-sized cheque for the media: “See you in court.”

However, the provincial agency governing lotteries has said that in cases like this, it expects licensed lottery organisations to “split the prize equally amongst those named on the winning ticket”.

In a blow to Ms Reddick, the agency told BBC News: “From our perspective, the prize has been awarded and the lottery is concluded.”