And finally… lot of luck

A woman has decided to raffle off her house and car for just £1 per ticket.

Lauren Turnbull from Newcastle is disposing of her two-bedroom house and Range Rover in the raffle before she moves in with her boyfriend.

Ms Turnbull said tickets for the raffle were sold so cheaply in order to give somebody else a bit of luck.

She only purchased the house last year and has spent that time renovating it, LadBible reports.

Ms Turnbull hopes to sell 200,000 tickets to turn a profit on the house. She has put the house in the raffle through a competition app called Raffall.

She told Chronicle Live: “I just thought with this year being so bad I really wanted to give someone a bit of good luck. Three weeks ago my partner sent me a link of a person raffling a home and I thought that was a great idea.

“I thought it would be a positive way to end the year and it will make the lucky winner very happy.”