And finally… in good spirit

Tesla’s official Tequila has officially launched and sold out at $250 a bottle. 

The product finally launched two years after the firm’s CEO Elon Musk mentioned the product on Twitter. 

The agave-based liquor, aptly named “Teslaquila” quickly went out of stock on the company’s website.

The tequila was stored in a sleek, lightning bolt-designed bottle, Reuters reports.

Musk tweeted the idea of ‘Teslaquila’ on April Fool’s day in 2018, which many of his followers thought was a joke. However, his efforts to trademark the drink in October of that year were frowned upon by the drink’s producers in Mexico.

At the time, Mexico’s Tequila Regulatory Council argued the “name ‘Teslaquila’ evokes the word Tequila, which is a protected word.

According to the website, Tesla Tequila will be available only in selected U.S. states, including New York, California and Washington.

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