And finally… home to roost

A 90-year-old woman who failed to pay mere pennies in tax nearly lost her home after it was put up for auction by tax authorities.

The situation was not resolved until the New Jersey woman’s plight was shared on TikTok by her daughter, NBC Boston reports.

Lisa Suhay explained that her mother owed $0.06 in taxes for 2019, which had accrued to over $300 in interest after going unpaid.

She only found out about the situation, which was exacerbated by her mother’s Alzheimer’s, when the house was forcibly put up for sale.

“I’m sorry, you’re selling my mother’s house today because she owes you six cents,” Ms Suhay said. “He said yeah, it’s amazing how these things snowball.”

However, Ms Suhay brought the issue as high as the local mayor, who apologized on behalf of the local authority and promised to change the system.