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The cannabis industry is expected to see an increase in sales up to 374% until 2023, according to a new Kryptoszene infographic.

In only three years, a rise in demand for CBD-products will most likely result in a turnover of US$23,7 billion in the United States.

While companies have sold cannabis products with a worth of US$620 million in 2018 and $5 billion in 2019, the market will continue to grow reaching a turnover of $7,38 billion in 2020, $10,89 billion in 2021, $16,06 billion in 2022 and $23,7 billion in 2023.

Last year, has reported on problems of cannabis overproduction. According to the new data, this supply-demand gap will now close down.

Due to new areas of application, more cannabis products will potentially find their ways into the market. Sales of CBD skincare products could rise from US$710 million in 2018 to $959 million in 2024.

Sebastian Schuster, Kryptoszene analyst, said: “We are still in the early years of a professional marijuana industry, the market takes some time to find the right balance between a steady production on one side and good products in high demand on the other side. But over the coming years we will get closer to that balance.”

The infographic sets the cannabis growth expectations in relation to other promising markets, such as gaming and medical technology. While the gaming industry is expected to grow 8,29% over the upcoming years, medical technology is anticipated to grow 46,91%.

Neither one is likely to really compete with the 374% rise of the cannabis market.

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